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2023-06-30: In practice, cool URLs can become inaccessible even if they don't change
2023-06-29: The persistence of 'san' names in our environment
2023-06-28: You should delete the 'User-Agent' header from outgoing email
2023-06-27: Belatedly remembering to use the two expression form of Python's assert
2023-06-26: Let's Encrypt's interesting certificate issuance error
2023-06-25: Why use 'TEST-NET' IP addresses in general documentation instead of RFC 1918 ranges
2023-06-24: Everything that uses configuration files should report where they're located
2023-06-23: Go 1.21 will (probably) download newer toolchains on demand by default
2023-06-22: I don't expect to see competitive RISC-V servers any time soon
2023-06-21: Domination has a lead time
2023-06-20: Having non-x86 machines makes your life harder, especially in a mixed setup
2023-06-19: Failing to draw lines between 'script' and 'program'
2023-06-18: Link: The Difference Between Root Certificate Authorities, Intermediates, and Resellers
One temptation of shell scripting is reusing other people's code
2023-06-17: Javascript modifying cut and paste can sometimes be a good thing in browsers
2023-06-16: CGIs combine well with Apache location-based access control
2023-06-15: The evaporation of lots of .ga domains
2023-06-14: Where your program's configuration files ('dotfiles') should go today
2023-06-13: The Certificate Authority's view of Certificate Transparency and CT Logs
2023-06-12: There are two levels of isolation when building Linux packages
2023-06-11: The potential risks of using (Open)ZFS On Linux with at least NFS
2023-06-10: A potential issue with outstanding query limits in your DNS resolver
2023-06-09: (Apparent) Certificate Authorities aren't always actual CAs
2023-06-08: Let's Encrypt (really ACME) has a decent reason for (still) using CSRs
2023-06-07: A retrospective on my thesis about language niches, fifteen years later
2023-06-06: I should read the Vim help more often
2023-06-05: The Linux kernel will fix some peculiar argv usage in execve(2)
2023-06-04: Why Prometheus exporters really need fixed TCP ports
2023-06-03: Unix is not POSIX
2023-06-02: GNU Grep versus the (Linux) open source ecology
2023-06-01: Capturing data you need later when using bpftrace

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