Wandering Thoughts archives

2023-07-31: Systemd auto-restarts of units can hide problems from you
2023-07-30: Our alerts and monitoring can never be comprehensive
2023-07-29: Prometheus Blackbox probes and DNS lookups
2023-07-28: The issue with control flow in interpreters using the 'eval' pattern
2023-07-27: On the future of free long term support for Linux distributions
2023-07-26: There's more than one reason that people used (or use) CentOS
2023-07-25: Where the speed limits on our Amanda backups appear to be in 2023
2023-07-24: The 'eval' pattern for interpreting simple languages
2023-07-23: Some cheap things are only cheap if they have enough volume
2023-07-22: I'm not going to accurately remember our past views and thoughts
2023-07-21: When we take things out of service, I should write up how they worked
2023-07-20: Command hashing in Unix shells is probably no longer worth it
2023-07-19: HTTP has become the default, universal communication protocol
2023-07-18: Non-uniform CPU hyperthreading is here and can cause fun issues
2023-07-17: A bit of Unix history on 'su -'
2023-07-16: Social media posts aren't as small and simple as you might think
2023-07-15: Static websites have a low barrier to entry
2023-07-14: The theory versus the practice of "static websites"
2023-07-13: Some notes on errno when tracing Linux kernel system call results
2023-07-12: Two views of security and vulnerability scanners
2023-07-11: How I move URLs between browsers in my Unix desktop environment
2023-07-10: Notes on Linux's /proc/locks and NFS v4 locks as of Ubuntu 22.04
2023-07-09: Polymorphism and other important aspects of inheritance
2023-07-08: The HTTP status code for a web server's default "hello" front page
2023-07-07: Our experience with nftables and 'iptables' on Ubuntu 22.04
2023-07-06: Basic NFS v4 seems to just work (so far) on Ubuntu 22.04
2023-07-05: The mere 'presence' of an URL on a web server is not a good signal
2023-07-04: Web servers should refuse requests for random, unnecessary URLs
2023-07-03: Our Python fileserver management code has been quite durable over the years
2023-07-02: The evolving Unix attitudes on handling signals in your code
2023-07-01: Cool URLs keep their contents (an obvious point that still matters)

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