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2023-08-31: The technical merits of Wayland are mostly irrelevant
2023-08-30: Email anti-spam (and really all anti-spam) is all heuristics now
2023-08-29: Experiencing the increase in web bandwidth usage for myself
2023-08-28: Go 1.22's (likely) new reflect.TypeFor() generic function
Link: quoting strings and breaking strings across multiple lines in YAML
2023-08-27: YAML is an okay enough configuration file format
2023-08-26: Linux NFS v4 idmapd domain handling and server/client agreement
2023-08-25: Enabling NFS v4 on an Ubuntu 22.04 fileserver (instead of just NFS v3)
2023-08-24: One challenge in reducing TLS certificate lifetimes down to 90 days
2023-08-23: Giving Linux mountd a '--no-nfs-version 4' argument does nothing
2023-08-22: We have a NFS v3 locking problem on our Ubuntu 22.04 servers
2023-08-21: Packaging software is something that takes work
2023-08-20: Unix is both a technology and an idea
2023-08-19: CLAs create different issues than making (small) open source contributions
2023-08-18: Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) impede modest contributions
2023-08-17: What I need to SSH to old hosts on Fedora 37 (and probably later)
2023-08-16: A pointless review of my (current) favorite mouse, the Contour optical mouse
2023-08-15: Maybe we shouldn't default to allowing logins on machines
2023-08-14: A brief brush with writing and using Python type hints
2023-08-13: The tangled problems of asking for people's '(full) legal name'
2023-08-12: Getting my backup Internet connection through BlueTooth on Linux
2023-08-11: Some problems with 'first name' and 'last name' fields in data
2023-08-10: Browsers barely care what HTTP status code your web pages are served with
2023-08-09: A program's (effective) log messages can have many sources
2023-08-08: Programs shouldn't commit to fixed and predictable log messages
2023-08-07: Good RPC systems versus basic 'RPC systems'
2023-08-06: Monitoring your logs is mostly a tarpit
2023-08-05: How the rc shell handles whitespace in various contexts
2023-08-04: On Linux, NFS v4 mounts are a different filesystem type than NFS (v3) mounts
2023-08-03: Prometheus scrape failures can cause alerts to be 'resolved'
2023-08-02: The Prometheus host agent's metrics for systemd unit restarts
2023-08-01: Turning off the sidebar of Firefox's built in PDF viewer

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