Wandering Thoughts archives

2023-09-30: I have questions about MFA push notification fatigue
2023-09-29: Understanding the NMH repl command's '-cc me' and '-nocc me' options
2023-09-28: The IMAP Sent folder can create some odd issues and confusion
2023-09-27: Uncertainties over adding IP ratelimits to your local DNS resolvers
2023-09-26: Some reasons to combine systemd-resolved with your private DNS resolver
2023-09-25: Splitting our local DNS resolvers apart to serve different audiences
2023-09-24: I wish Linux exposed a 'OOM kills due to cgroup limits' kernel statistic
2023-09-23: Some questions about Unbound's domain-based rate limits (as of fall 2023)
2023-09-22: Changing GNU Emacs Lisp functions through advice-add, not brute force
2023-09-21: HTTP Basic Authentication and your URL hierarchy
2023-09-20: Restarting nfs-server on a Linux NFS (v3) server isn't transparent
2023-09-19: How Unix shells used to be used as an access control mechanism
2023-09-18: Making a function that defines functions in GNU Emacs ELisp
2023-09-17: Unix shells are generally not viable access control mechanisms any more
2023-09-16: Apache's HTTP Basic Authentication could do with more logging
2023-09-15: Insuring that my URL server and client programs exit after problems
2023-09-14: An important difference between intern and make-symbol in GNU Emacs ELisp
2023-09-13: A user program doing intense IO can manifest as high system CPU time
2023-09-12: My (new) simple system to open URLs on my desktop from remote Linux machines
2023-09-11: GNU Emacs, use-package, and key binding for mode specific keymaps
2023-09-10: The roots of an obscure Bourne shell error message
2023-09-09: The effects of modest TCP latency (I think) on my experience with some X programs
2023-09-08: How changing a ZFS filesystem's recordsize affects existing files
2023-09-07: (Unix) Directory traversal and symbolic links
2023-09-06: What I understand about two-factor/multi-factor authentication (in 2023)
2023-09-05: Having ClamAV reject email using the Malwarepatrol database seems unwise
2023-09-04: An (Open)SSH Certificate Authority is sort of unlimited and sort of not
2023-09-03: TLS CA root certificate name constraints for internal CAs
2023-09-02: In practice, 'alerts' can have different meanings in different organizations
2023-09-01: Alerting on high level 'user stories' failing doesn't work in all setups

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