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2023-10-31: Real (email) HTML can get a bit extreme
2023-10-30: Finding which NFSv4 client owns a lock on a Linux NFS(v4) server
2023-10-29: One reason that ZFS can't turn a directory into a filesystem
2023-10-28: Thinking about the sensible limits of customization of things
2023-10-27: Alerting on sticky configuration reload failures for Prometheus
2023-10-26: The issue of what headers to include in your DKIM signatures
2023-10-25: There are at least two ways to 'verify' TLS client host certificates
2023-10-24: dup()'s shared file IO offset is a necessary part of Unix
2023-10-23: Internet network sessions can be remarkably durable
2023-10-22: Unix /dev/fd and dup(2)
2023-10-21: Understanding dynamic menubar menus in GNU Emacs
2023-10-20: Changing the menu bar order of Emacs easy-menu menus
2023-10-19: Using extra Firefox profiles to make my life better
2023-10-18: WireGuard is pleasantly easy to set up on smartphones (if you're experienced)
2023-10-17: (Minibuffer) completion categories in GNU Emacs and forcing them
2023-10-16: The two places firewall NAT can happen in our network
2023-10-15: Finally noticing a quiet speedup in my environment
2023-10-14: Stateful versus stateless firewalls, and why stateful is attractive
2023-10-13: OpenBSD PF-based firewalls suffer differently from denial of service attacks
2023-10-12: Getting the active network interface(s) in a script on Ubuntu 22.04
2023-10-11: The wisdom of being selective about python-lsp-server plugins
2023-10-10: Keyboard keys and characters
2023-10-09: My understanding of various sorts of completion in GNU Emacs
2023-10-08: The tools I use to read email affect how I read it (more than I thought)
2023-10-07: The three modern formats for email forwarded by people
2023-10-06: Understanding the orderless package for GNU Emacs
2023-10-05: X's two ways to send events to X clients (more or less)
2023-10-04: You can do Apache HTTP Basic Authentication through PAM
2023-10-03: In praise of modest, simple third party packages for GNU Emacs
2023-10-02: What we did when we couldn't gracefully roll over an OpenVPN TLS root certificate
2023-10-01: Brief notes on doing TOTP MFA with oathtool

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