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2023-11-30: My sysadmin's view of going from Centrex to VoIP (sort of)
2023-11-29: The quietly impressive thing mail clients do when you write HTML mail
2023-11-28: Why we scrape Prometheus Blackbox's metrics endpoint
2023-11-27: Go's API stability and making assumptions, even in semi-official code
2023-11-26: The HTML viewport mess
2023-11-25: Unix shells and the current directory
2023-11-24: A peculiarity of the GNU Coreutils version of 'test' and '['
2023-11-23: Unix's 'test' program and the V7 Bourne shell
2023-11-22: Understanding and sorting out ZFS pool features
2023-11-21: Modern proxy (IPv4) ARP and proxy IPv6 NDP on Linux
2023-11-20: Why I'm still using the "Certainly Something" addon for Firefox
2023-11-19: Third party Emacs packages that I use (as of November 2023)
2023-11-18: Using argparse in my Python programs encourages me to add options to them
2023-11-17: My first Django database migration worked fine
2023-11-16: Setting up an IPv6 gateway on an Ubuntu 22.04 server with WireGuard
2023-11-15: WireGuard and the question of link-local IPv6 addresses
2023-11-14: Amanda and deciding between server and client compression
2023-11-13: Amanda has clever restores from tar archives (sometimes)
2023-11-12: The Amanda backup system completely reads tar archives on restores
2023-11-11: Go modules and the domain expiry problem
2023-11-10: Backup systems and how much they do or don't know about storage formats
2023-11-09: Brief early impressions of Emacs' evil Vim emulation
2023-11-08: Holding packages in Debian (and Ubuntu) has gotten easier over the years
2023-11-07: The Vim features that make me a Vim user instead of a Vi user
2023-11-06: What client host keys OpenSSH ssh uses for host based authentication
2023-11-05: Exim's options for how to DKIM sign various email headers
2023-11-04: The various meanings of DKIM signing message headers
2023-11-03: Our varying levels of what you could charitably call 'physical security'
2023-11-02: Network firewalls and Ethernet addresses
2023-11-01: People do change what a particular version is of a Go module

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