Wandering Thoughts archives

2023-12-31: Switching Linux software RAID disks around in (early) 2023
2023-12-30: Email addresses are not good 'permanent' identifiers for accounts
2023-12-29: Your kernel panics in ZFS on Linux probably aren't actual kernel panics
2023-12-28: The various phases of Prometheus Blackbox's HTTP probe
2023-12-27: Web CGI programs aren't particularly slow these days
2023-12-26: Maybe learning to let new environments be themselves (more or less)
2023-12-25: Standards often provide little guidance for handling 'bad' content
2023-12-24: Do we actually need negative access control rules (in general)?
2023-12-23: A DKIM signature on email by itself means very little
2023-12-22: What I think the 'SMTP Smuggling' attack enables
2023-12-21: Systemd will block a service's start if you manually restart it too fast
2023-12-20: The (historical) background of 'SMTP Smuggling'
2023-12-19: Why grub-install can give you an "unknown filesystem" error
2023-12-18: In Go, constant variables are not used for optimization
2023-12-17: Prometheus's group_left() and group_right() operators
2023-12-16: The three email addresses of OpenID Connect (OIDC) in practice
2023-12-15: What /.well-known/ URL queries people make against our web servers
2023-12-14: Partially emulating #ifdef in Go with build tags and consts
2023-12-13: Why systemd-resolved can give weird results for nonexistent bare hostnames
2023-12-12: We've switched (back) to using Bind for our local DNS resolvers
2023-12-11: Seeing how fast people will probe you after you get a new TLS certificate
2023-12-10: Some notes on using the logcli program to query Grafana Loki
2023-12-09: I recently used Grafana Loki for fast, flexible log searching
2023-12-08: A possible path to reliable name constraints on internal TLS CAs
2023-12-07: Mapping out my understanding of (web-based) single sign-on systems
2023-12-06: Understanding another piece of per-cgroup memory usage accounting
2023-12-05: Doing work that scales requires being able to scale your work
2023-12-04: Getting some information about the Linux kernel dentry cache (dcache)
2023-12-03: A bit more trivia on the Unix V6 shell and its control flow
2023-12-02: Why Unix kernels have grown caches for directory entries ('name caches')
2023-12-01: The Unix V6 shell and how control flow worked in it

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