Wandering Thoughts archives

2024-03-31: Some thoughts on switching daemons to be socket activated via systemd
2024-03-30: The Prometheus scrape interval mistake people keep making
2024-03-29: Some notes on Firefox's media autoplay settings in practice as of Firefox 124
2024-03-28: The effects of silences (et al) in Prometheus Alertmanager
2024-03-27: Some questions to ask about what silencing alerts means
2024-03-26: How I would automate monitoring DNS queries in basic Prometheus
2024-03-25: Options for diverting alerts in Prometheus
2024-03-24: Platform peculiarities and Python (with an example)
2024-03-23: The many possible results of turning an IP address into a 'hostname'
2024-03-22: The Linux kernel.task_delayacct sysctl and why you might care about it
2024-03-21: Reading the Linux cpufreq sysfs interface is (deliberately) slow
2024-03-20: When I reimplement one of my programs, I often wind up polishing it too
2024-03-19: About DRAM-less SSDs and whether that matters to us
2024-03-18: Sorting out PIDs, Tgids, and tasks on Linux
2024-03-17: Disk write buffering and its interactions with write flushes
2024-03-16: Some more notes on Linux's ionice and kernel IO priorities
2024-03-15: The problem of using basic Prometheus to monitor DNS query results
2024-03-14: You might want to think about if your system serial numbers are sensitive
2024-03-13: Restarting systemd-networkd normally clears your 'ip rules' routing policies
2024-03-12: What do we count as 'manual' management of TLS certificates
2024-03-11: Why we should care about usage data for our internal services
2024-03-10: Scheduling latency, IO latency, and their role in Linux responsiveness
2024-03-09: Some thoughts on usage data for your systems and services
2024-03-08: A realization about shell pipeline steps on multi-core machines
2024-03-07: Some notes about the Cloudflare eBPF Prometheus exporter for Linux
2024-03-06: Where and how Ubuntu kernels get their ZFS modules
2024-03-05: A peculiarity of the X Window System: Windows all the way down
2024-03-04: An illustration of how much X cares about memory usage
2024-03-03: X graphics rendering as contrasted to Wayland rendering
2024-03-02: Something I don't know: How server core count interacts with RAM latency
2024-03-01: Options for your Grafana panels when your metrics change names

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