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2024-04-30: The state of Python in Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
2024-04-29: Our likely long term future (not) with Ubuntu (as of early 2024)
2024-04-28: How I (used to) handle keeping track of how I configured software
2024-04-27: Autoconf and configure features that people find valuable
2024-04-26: I wish projects would reliably use their release announcements mechanisms
2024-04-25: The importance of an ordinary space in a Unix shell command line
2024-04-24: Pruning some things out with (GNU) find options
2024-04-23: Libvirt's virt-viewer and (guest) screen blanking
2024-04-22: Making virtual machine network interfaces inactive in Linux libvirt
2024-04-21: Thoughts on potentially realistic temperature trip limit for hardware
2024-04-20: What the original 4.2 BSD csh hashed (which is not what I thought)
2024-04-19: Modern Linux mounts a lot of different types of virtual filesystems
2024-04-18: On the duration of self-signed TLS (website) certificates
2024-04-17: Limiting the maximum size of Amanda debug logs with a Linux tmpfs mount
2024-04-16: IPMI connections have privilege levels, not just IPMI users
2024-04-15: Having IPv6 for public servers is almost always merely nice, not essential
2024-04-14: (Probably) forcing Git to never prompt for authentication
2024-04-13: A corner case in Firefox's user interface for addon updates
2024-04-12: Please don't try to hot-reload changed Python files too often
2024-04-11: Getting the underlying disks of a Linux software RAID array
2024-04-10: It's far from clear how grub package updates work on Ubuntu
2024-04-09: Bash's sadly flawed smart (programmable) completion
2024-04-08: Don't require people to change 'source code' to configure your programs
2024-04-07: NAT'ing on the firewall versus host routes for public IPs
2024-04-06: GNU Autoconf is not replaceable in any practical sense
Solving the hairpin NAT problem with policy based routing and plain NAT
2024-04-05: Why I think you shouldn't digitally sign things casually
2024-04-03: GNU Emacs and the case of special space characters
2024-04-02: An issue with Alertmanager inhibitions and resolved alerts
What Prometheus Alertmanager's group_interval setting means
2024-04-01: The power of being able to query your servers for unpredictable things

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