Wandering Thoughts archives

2024-05-31: Spammers do forge various noreply@<you> sender addresses
2024-05-30: Phish tests aren't like fire drills
2024-05-29: PyPy has been quietly working for me for several years now
2024-05-28: ZFS's transactional guarantees from a user perspective
2024-05-27: Some notes on Grafana Loki's new "structured metadata" (as of 3.0.x)
2024-05-26: Flaky alerts are telling you something
2024-05-25: Reasons to not expose Go's choice of default TLS ciphers
2024-05-24: The long-overdue problem coming for some people in Go 1.23
2024-05-23: There are multiple uses for metrics (and collecting metrics)
2024-05-22: The Prometheus host agent's 'perf' collector can be kind of expensive
2024-05-21: Go's old $GOPATH story for development and dependencies
2024-05-20: The power of using external authentication information in a web application
2024-05-19: My GNU Emacs MH mail folder completion in MH-E
2024-05-18: Realizing the hidden complexity of cloud server networking
2024-05-17: The trade-offs in not using WireGuard to talk to our cloud server
2024-05-16: Thoughts on (not) automating the setup of our first cloud server
2024-05-15: Turning off the X server's CapsLock modifier
2024-05-14: The X Window System and the curse of NumLock
2024-05-13: Some ideas on what Linux distributions can do about the new kernel situation
2024-05-12: The Linux kernel giving CVEs to all bugfixes is sort of predictable
2024-05-11: Where NS records show up in DNS replies depends on who you ask
2024-05-10: It's very difficult to tell if a Linux kernel bug is a security issue
2024-05-09: One of OCSP's problems is the dominance of Chrome
2024-05-08: All configuration files should support some form of file inclusion
2024-05-07: Some thoughts on when you can and can't lower OpenSSH's 'LoginGraceTime'
2024-05-06: What affects what server host key types OpenSSH will offer to you
2024-05-05: OpenSSH sshd's 'MaxStartups' setting and Internet-accessible machines
2024-05-04: We have our first significant batch of servers that only have UEFI booting
2024-05-03: UEFI, BIOS, and other confusing x86 PC (firmware) terms
2024-05-02: Thinking about filesystem space allocation policies and SSDs
2024-05-01: Having a machine room can mean having things in your machine room

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