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2024-06-30: The systemd journal doesn't force you to not have plain text logs
2024-06-29: Plaintext is not a great format for (system) logs
2024-06-28: I wish systemd didn't require two units for each socket service
2024-06-27: Is blocking outgoing traffic by default a good firewall choice now?
2024-06-26: The xinetd restart problem with binding ports that we run into
2024-06-25: Security is not really part of most people's jobs
2024-06-24: (GNU) Emacs wants personal customization in practice
2024-06-23: Some notes on ZFS's zstd compression kstats (on Linux)
2024-06-22: A Prometheus Blackbox gotcha: (UDP) DNS replies have a low size limit
2024-06-21: The IMAP LIST command as it interacts with client prefixes in Dovecot
2024-06-20: Where Thunderbird seems to get your default browser from on Linux
2024-06-19: It seems routine to see a bunch of browser User-Agents from the same IP
2024-06-18: Some things on how ZFS System Attributes are stored
2024-06-17: Go's 'range over functions' iterators and avoiding iteration errors
2024-06-16: Understanding a Python closure oddity
2024-06-15: We don't know what's happening on our networks
2024-06-14: Mixed content upgrades on the web in mid 2024
2024-06-13: Using prime numbers for our Prometheus scrape intervals
2024-06-12: The Linux kernel NFS server and reconnecting client NFS filehandles
2024-06-11: The size of our Prometheus setup as of June 2024
2024-06-10: The NFS server 'subtree' export problem
2024-06-09: OpenSSH can chose (or force) the 'shell' used for a specific SSH key
2024-06-08: Operating services versus operating an "adequate environment"
2024-06-07: Account recovery is still a hard problem in public key management
2024-06-06: Web applications should support being used behind a reverse proxy
2024-06-05: Maybe understanding uname(1)'s platform and machine fields
2024-06-04: Some history and limitations of uname(1) fields
2024-06-03: CVEs are not what I'll call security reports
2024-06-02: Stand-alone downloads of program assets has a security implication
2024-06-01: Phish tests and (not) getting people to report successful phish attacks

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