Noting some wandering thoughts on the occasion of an anniversary

June 12, 2011

I'm a peculiar person, and so although I wrote my first entries here on June 11th, I consider June 12th to be WanderingThoughts' real anniversary because it's when I decided to do it again and thus made the first day not a one-off thing. That was six years ago, which in some ways really boggles me.

I'm not someone for anniversaries; I wrote something for the first anniversary, but never bothered noting the others (or other significant numbers, like writing 1,000 entries or 2,000 entries).

I'm a different person than I was six years ago, but then almost everyone is. I don't know how much WanderingThoughts has contributed to the changes, though; most of what I think of as the big changes have happened outside it and have had nothing to do with it. Still, I probably write better and clearer, I'm pretty sure that I both type and write faster than I used to, and I've probably benefited from thinking through various things in the process of writing entries.

And it's been fun (well, enjoyable). That's really why I've done it for six years and counting, that and the fact that I'm terribly stubborn and very set in my habits once they've been established.

Consider this a marker, dropped in the stream of time. I was here, now, looking both forward and backwards.

(If nothing else, looking backwards is one benefit of blogs.)

Written on 12 June 2011.
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