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This collects most or all of the entries I've written on Go, in reverse chronological order, in addition to some other entries that have been swept up in this low-rent search. Note that of them have been rendered inaccurate and obsolete by the passage of time and Go versions. You can also see the overall index of entries (or the chronological index).

2024-02-24: The Go 'range over functions' proposal and user-written container types
2024-02-14: Understanding a recent optimization to Go's reflect.TypeFor
2024-01-25: In Go, I'm going to avoid using 'any' as an actual type
2023-12-18: In Go, constant variables are not used for optimization
2023-12-14: Partially emulating #ifdef in Go with build tags and consts
2023-11-27: Go's API stability and making assumptions, even in semi-official code
2023-11-11: Go modules and the domain expiry problem
2023-11-01: People do change what a particular version is of a Go module
2023-05-20: Some notes on the cost of Go finalizers (in Go 1.20)
2023-04-10: Failing to build a useful pre Go 1.21 static Go toolchain on Linux
2023-01-28: I should assume contexts aren't retained in Go APIs
2022-12-20: Detecting missing or bad Go modules and module versions
2022-12-13: Go and the case of the half-missing import
2022-11-20: Floating point NaNs as map keys in Go give you weird results
2022-11-18: Go 1.21 may have a clear(x) builtin and there's an interesting reason why
2022-11-06: Go's sync.Pool has (undocumented) 'thread' locality
2022-10-19: Understanding '+incompatible' in Go module version names
2022-10-17: The proper setup of a Go module, as I understand it
2022-09-01: Go 1.19 added an atomic.Pointer type that's a generic type
2022-08-17: Some resources for looking at the current development version of Go
2022-06-25: A limitation on what 'go install' can install (as of Go 1.18)
2022-06-14: Go programs and Linux glibc versioning
2022-03-31: The awkward timing of Fedora and Go releases
2022-03-27: Some thoughts on Go's unusual approach to identifier visibility
2022-02-13: Go generics: the question of types made from generic types and type sets
2022-02-12: The 'any' confusion in Go generics between type constraints and interfaces
2022-01-09: I have mixed feelings about the Go time package's time formatting strings
2021-11-20: Why your Go programs can surprisingly be dynamically linked
2021-11-14: Go 1.18 will let you set the version of the "AMD64" architecture to target
2021-10-26: Go 1.18 will embed source version information into binaries
2021-09-24: Go generics have a new "type sets" way of doing type constraints
2021-09-02: Go multi-module workspace mode, a forthcoming feature in Go 1.18
2021-08-31: Go doesn't have a stack the way that some other languages do
2021-08-29: In Go, pointers (mostly) don't go with slices in practice
2021-08-13: Go keeps surprising me with its careful design and specification
2021-07-29: How Go maps store their values (and keys)
2021-07-23: Why it matters that map values are unaddressable in Go
2021-07-19: Making a Go program build with Go modules can be not a small change
2021-06-24: Go 1.17 is deprecating the traditional use of 'go get'
2021-04-21: Go 1.17 will allow converting a slice to an array pointer (some of the time)
2021-04-05: A stable Unix updating its version of Go isn't straightforward
2021-04-04: You need a version of Go with module support (ideally good support)
2021-03-29: Nil in Go is typed in theory and sort of untyped in practice
2021-03-10: The tradeoffs of Go version behavior in go.mod module files
2021-03-09: Go version directives in go.mod files: some notes and crude usage numbers
2021-01-13: What you can and can't build in Go's module mode
2020-12-20: Go modules are soon going to be the only future
2020-12-18: On Go, release timing, and new machines
2020-11-27: Setting up self-contained Go program source that uses packages
2020-10-16: Go is gaining the ability to trace init calls on program startup
2020-10-15: Go packages can have more than one init() function
2020-09-29: Where (and how) you limit your concurrency in Go can matter
2020-09-15: When the Go garbage collector will panic over bad pointer values
2020-09-01: Even in Go, concurrency is still not easy (with an example)
2020-08-29: An interesting mistake with Go's context package that I (sort of) made
2020-08-15: Go will inline functions across packages (under the right circumstances)
2020-07-18: Using Go build directives to optionally use new APIs in the standard library
2020-07-10: The impact on middleware of expanding APIs with Go's interface smuggling
2020-07-08: "Interface smuggling", a Go design pattern for expanding APIs
2020-07-05: A Go lesson learned: sometimes I don't want to use goroutines if possible
2020-06-21: In Go, the compiler needs to know the types of things when copying values
2020-06-07: A Go time package gotcha with parsing time strings that use named time zones
2020-06-02: A subtle trap when formatting Go time.Time values
2020-05-13: Getting my head around what things aren't comparable in Go
2020-05-04: The Go compiler has real improvements in new versions (and why)
2020-04-27: I think you should generally be using the latest version of Go
2020-03-19: Sorting out Go's 'for ... = range ..' and when it copies things
2020-03-02: More or less what versions of Go support what OpenBSD releases (as of March 2020)
2020-03-01: The situation with Go on OpenBSD
2020-02-29: OpenBSD versus Prometheus (and Go)
2020-02-28: One reason for Go to prefer providing indexes in for ... range loops
2020-01-24: Go compared to Python for small scale system administration scripts and tools
2020-01-23: What we've written in Go at work and how it came about (as of January 2020)
2020-01-22: Why I've come to like that Go's type inference is limited
2020-01-15: How Go's net.DialContext() stops things when the context is cancelled
2019-12-31: Things I've stopped using in GNU Emacs for working on Go
2019-12-25: Some reasons for Go to not make system calls through the standard C library
2019-12-08: The Go runtime scheduler's clever way of dealing with system calls
2019-11-07: Realizing that Go constants are always materialized into values
2019-10-20: A small irritation with Go's crypto/tls package
2019-09-18: Converting a Go pointer to an integer doesn't quite do what it looks like
2019-09-14: Some notes on the structure of Go binaries (primarily for ELF)
2019-09-11: Making your own changes to things that use Go modules
2019-09-09: A safety note about using (or having) go.mod inside $GOPATH in Go 1.13
2019-09-06: Go modules and the problem of noticing updates to dependencies
2019-08-15: Getting LSP-based editing working for Go in GNU Emacs
2019-08-13: Changes to Go and the appearance of finality
2019-07-30: I think it's time to explicitly set Go's $GO111MODULE environment variable
2019-07-28: A note on using the Go Prometheus client package to exposed labeled metrics
2019-07-16: Go's proposed try() will be used and that will change how code is written
2019-07-03: Converting a variable to a single-element slice in Go via unsafe
2019-06-09: Go recognizes and specially compiles some but not all infinite loops
2019-06-05: Go channels work best for unidirectional communication, not things with replies
2019-05-22: Go is Google's language, not ours
2019-05-16: Go has no type for types in the language
2019-05-03: In Go, unsafe type conversions are still garbage collection safe
2019-04-08: An example of a situation where Go interfaces can't substitute for generics
2019-03-08: Exploring how and why interior pointers in Go keep entire objects alive
2019-01-31: What getopt package I use for option handling in my Go programs
2018-10-06: A deep dive into the OS memory use of a simple Go program
Go basically never frees heap memory back to the operating system
2018-09-28: Addressable values in Go (and unaddressable ones too)
2018-09-27: Learning about Go's unaddressable values and slicing
2018-08-31: Link: A deep dive into the Go memory allocator
2018-08-29: How I recently used vendoring in Go
2018-08-14: Go's net package doesn't have opaque errors, just undocumented ones
2018-08-03: How I want to use Go's versioned modules
2018-07-25: One advantage of Go modules will be less mess in $HOME/go/src
2018-05-25: Some notes on Go's runtime.KeepAlive() function
2018-04-17: Go and the pragmatic problems of having a Python-like with statement
2018-04-06: Using Go finalizers can be a better option than not using them
2018-03-02: A sysadmin's perspective on Go vendoring and vgo
2018-01-18: Why Go cares about the difference between unsafe.Pointer and uintptr
2018-01-02: Some notes on relative imports and vendor/ in Go
2017-12-06: In practice, Go's slices are two different data structures in one
2017-12-04: Some notes on using Go to check and verify SSH host keys
2017-10-10: An interesting way to leak memory with Go slices
2017-08-27: Is bootstrapping Go from source faster using Go 1.9 or Go 1.8?
2017-08-23: Why Go changes its minimum version requirements for OSes (and hardware)
An unexpected risk of using Go is it ending support for older OS versions
2017-08-13: Sorting out slice mutability in Go
2017-07-06: Link: Survey of [floating point] Rounding Implementations in Go
2017-06-16: Go interfaces and automatically generated functions
2017-06-06: A humbling experience of misreading some simple (Go) code
2017-05-12: Where bootstrapping Go with a modern version of Go has gotten faster
2017-05-10: Building the Go compiler from source from scratch (on Unix)
2017-03-20: My theory on why Go's gofmt has wound up being accepted
2017-01-26: Things that make Go channels expensive to implement
2016-12-29: One reason why Go's increment and decrement statements are good to have
2016-12-08: Trailing text, a subtle gotcha with Go's fmt.Sscanf
2016-11-16: Go's arbitrary-precision constants and cross compilation
2016-10-23: I should keep a released version of the Go compiler suite
2016-08-19: My current Go autocompletion setup in GNU Emacs
2016-06-05: My approach for inspecting Go error values
2016-05-18: Go does not have atomic variables, only atomic access to variables
2016-05-16: A quick trick: using Go structs to create namespaces
2016-05-09: You can't use expvar.Func to expose a bunch of expvar types
2016-04-05: Some notes on Go's expvar package
2016-04-01: A surprise to watch out for with Go's expvar package (in expvar.Var)
2016-03-21: When you want non-mutating methods in Go
2016-02-16: Whether or not to use cgo for Go packages, illustrated in a dilemma
2015-12-14: Some things that force Go to call the C library for name resolution on Linux
2015-12-09: Goroutines, network IO streams, and the resulting synchronization problem
2015-11-15: I should remember that I can cast things in Go
2015-10-18: In Go, unsafe.Pointer is a built in type in the compiler
2015-10-16: Inside a Go 'terrible hack' in the reflect package
2015-09-22: The Go 'rolling errors' pattern, in function call form
2015-09-14: A caution about cgo's error returns for errno
2015-09-09: Some notes on my experience using Go's cgo system
2015-09-07: Getting gocode based autocompletion working for Go in GNU Emacs
2015-08-31: CGo's Go string functions explained
Turning, well copying blobs of memory into Go structures
2015-08-30: Getting C-compatible structs in Go with and for cgo
2015-07-02: Some thoughts on Go compiler directives being in source comments
2015-05-14: In Go, you need to always make sure that your goroutines will finish
2015-05-13: Go goroutines as a way to capture and hold state
2015-03-15: The importance of user interface, illustrated by the Go flag package
2015-01-26: Some notes on keeping up with Go packages and commands
2014-12-22: Why Go's big virtual size for 64-bit programs makes sense
2014-12-15: Why your 64-bit Go programs may have a huge virtual size
2014-11-26: Using go get alone is a bad way to keep track of interesting packages
2014-10-24: In Go I've given up and I'm now using standard packages
2014-10-17: My experience doing relatively low level X stuff in Go
2014-09-22: Go is mostly easy to cross-compile (with notes)
2014-09-21: One reason why Go can have methods on nil pointers
2014-08-18: The potential issue with Go's strings
2014-07-27: Go is still a young language
2014-07-06: Goroutines versus other concurrency handling options in Go
2014-07-04: An interesting Go concurrency bug that I inflicted on myself
2014-06-22: Things I like about Go
2014-06-19: Some notes on Go's godoc and what it formats how
2014-06-07: Some ways to do sleazy duck typing in Go (from a Python perspective)
2014-06-03: My just-used Go logging idiom and why it is in fact wrong
2014-05-30: In Go, sometimes a nil is not a nil
2014-05-27: Some things for enumerated constants in Go
2014-01-26: Why writing sysadmin tools in Go is getting attractive
2013-12-02: What Go has become for me: Python with performance
2013-11-14: One reason I like Go: it seems natural to avoid object churn
2013-11-11: Go's getopt problem
2013-05-13: My language irritations with Go (so far) and why I'm wrong about them
2013-04-15: Go's friction points for me (and a comparison to Python)
2013-03-03: Go: when I'd extend an interface versus making a new one
2013-02-27: Link: Go at Google: Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering
2013-02-21: Go: using type assertions to safely reach through interface types
Some notes on my first experience with Go
2013-02-10: A little irritating (but understandable) limitation on Go interfaces
2012-05-17: The Go language's problem on 32-bit machines
2010-10-24: Why I'm interested in Go
2010-10-23: My issues with Go's net package
2010-09-10: Go's network package and IPv6 (and my ideal version thereof)
2010-09-09: Go, IPv6, and single binding machines
2010-01-03: Go interfaces are not my sort of interfaces

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