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Collected here are links to various (sub)topic index pages for WanderingThoughts for things that are either subsets of my regular categories or that span categories (and sometimes both).

These topic indexes are generated based on the page name (what is sometimes called the slug name), not on anything more deep such as a full-text search or explicit tags, so they may sometimes miss entries or include unrelated entries that happen contain the search word (especially when the search word is common, like 'Go').

(DWiki does not currently support explicit tags. Perhaps someday, but ChrisSiebenmann has been thinking about that for years without forward progress. DWiki does support full text search, but that is very expensive since there are no pre-built indexes. Scanning page names is much faster, and in today's web environment, everything gets visited and needs to be fast enough.)

This is a Category/PageManagement page.

Comments on this page:

By Harry at 2022-01-01 07:25:30:

Hi Chris, Hope you are doing well!

I'm trying to subscribe to a (sub)topic rss feed and I realise the possibility that it may not be enabled.


This works
This doesn't

Btw, I love reading your articles and Thank you for this blog!

Kind Regards,

By cks at 2022-01-01 12:26:40:

There are no Atom feeds for topics because because topics are essentially file name search results materialized as text embedded in a page. There probably never will be any, because the current version of topics are a hack which doesn't fit into the conceptual model of how DWiki generates Atom syndication feeds.

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