Link: Against DNSSEC by Thomas Ptacek

January 15, 2015

Against DNSSEC by Thomas Ptacek (@tqbf) is what it says in the title; lucid and to my mind strong reasons against using or supporting DNSSEC. I've heard some of these from @tqbf before in Tweets (and others are ambient knowledge in the right communities), but now that he's written this I don't have to try to dig those tweets out and make a coherent entry out of them.

For what it's worth, from my less informed perspective I agree with all of this. It would be nice if DNSSEC could bootstrap a system to get us out of the TLS CA racket but I've become persuaded (partly by @tqbf) that this is not viable and the cure is at least as bad as the disease. See eg this Twitter conversation.

(You may know of Thomas Ptacek from the days when he was at Matasano Security, where he was the author of such classics as If You're Typing the Letters A-E-S Into Your Code You're Doing It Wrong. See also eg his Hacker News profile.)

Update: there's a Hacker News discussion of this with additional arguments and more commentary from Thomas Ptacek here.

Written on 15 January 2015.
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