Link: Eric Rescorla's "DNS Security, Part II: DNSSEC"

December 27, 2021

Eric Rescorla's DNS Security, Part II: DNSSEC (via) is a pretty even handed overview of DNSSEC. Rescorla is respected by Thomas Ptacek, even if they disagree (I think) about DNSSEC.

(Rescorla also has a Part I: Basic DNS for people who need that.)

Related to this is Ptacek's fascinating A Brief, Inaccurate History of DNSSEC (via). This goes with Ptacek's Against DNSSEC (from 2015; this debate has been going on for a while).

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By Tom at 2021-12-28 04:52:15:

Per I don't think they disagree (I'd be a bit surprised if ekr was a proponent of dnssec)

Written on 27 December 2021.
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