Link: Stop Using Encrypted Email

February 20, 2020

Stop Using Encrypted Email is about all of the fundamental reasons that you should do that, from Latacora. See also eg Patrick McKenzie, and the discussion on Hacker News where there are more comments from Latacora people (look for tptacek and lvh).

(Latacora people include Thomas Ptacek, who you may remember from Against DNSSEC.)

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By Chris Barts at 2020-02-20 12:24:37:

What this is saying is that it's possible to build a secure messaging system on top of email; the Mixmaster anonymous remailer people got part of the way back in the 1990s by making metadata useless, but did nothing about archiving and probably not forward security, either.

(Using email as a substrate is a good idea for the same reasons using any other well-known port is a good idea: It's less likely that network administrators will block your ability to send email than your ability to send arbitrary data on arbitrary ports.)

I'm also not sold on the idea that destroying the ability to archive is a good thing. I understand the risks of losing a phone or computer, but I also understand how hard it is to prove bad acts when there is no evidence; any medium which doesn't allow archiving risks becoming a conduit for easily-deniable harassment.

Written on 20 February 2020.
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