Link: Vim anti-patterns

February 25, 2019

Tom Ryder's Vim anti-patterns is nominally about anti-patterns but it's really about teaching various better, more advanced ways to do things in vim. For each anti-pattern, Ryder shows a positive pattern (or several of them), and they're worth thinking about and maybe adopting. If nothing else, I learned new bits of vim.

(This is from 2012 and I believe I read it then, but it's worth re-reading every so often. Indeed I sort of think of it as a little reference for Vim things I want to remember.)

PS: I don't necessarily agree with all of Ryder's views here, but then I'm a lightweight vim user. In particular, I've not adopted either avoiding the arrow keys or using ctrl-[ for ESC, and I'm still perfectly willing to move around in insert mode to some degree, because it fits how I edit things.

Written on 25 February 2019.
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