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2017-12-26: I continue to have strong confidence in ZFS On Linux
2017-12-21: Checking RAM DIMM information from inside Linux
2017-12-12: Some notes on systemd-resolved, the systemd DNS resolver
2017-12-06: My upgrade to Fedora 27, Secure Boot, and a mistake made somewhere
2017-12-03: My new Linux office workstation for fall 2017
2017-11-30: We're broadly switching to synchronizing time with systemd's timesyncd
2017-11-26: One way of capturing debugging state information in a systemd-based system
2017-11-19: Getting some information about the NUMA memory hierarchy of your server
2017-11-10: A systemd mistake with a script-based service unit I recently made
2017-11-07: My new Linux machine for fall 2017 (planned)
2017-11-05: Some early notes on WireGuard
2017-11-04: Why I've switched from GRE-over-IPSec to using WireGuard
2017-10-20: Ext4, SSDs, and RAID stripe parameters
2017-10-16: Getting ssh-agent working in Fedora 26's Cinnamon desktop environment
2017-10-15: Unbalanced reads from SSDs in software RAID mirrors in Linux
2017-10-12: I'm looking forward to using systemd's new IP access control features
2017-10-02: My experience with using Fedora 26's standard font rendering (and fonts)
2017-09-29: More on systemd on Ubuntu 16.04 failing to reliably reboot some of our servers
2017-09-27: Putting cron jobs into systemd user slices doesn't always work (on Ubuntu 16.04)
2017-09-22: Using a watchdog timer in system shutdown with systemd (on Ubuntu 16.04)
2017-09-14: Sorting out systemd's system.conf, user.conf, and logind.conf
2017-09-07: Systemd, NFS mounts, and shutting down your system
2017-09-06: Systemd on Ubuntu 16.04 can't (or won't) reliably reboot your server
2017-09-03: A fundamental limitation of systemd's per-user fair share scheduling
2017-09-02: Putting cron jobs into systemd user slices
2017-08-25: Fedora 26 and a font rendering dilemma for me
2017-08-18: How ZFS on Linux names disks in ZFS pools
2017-08-15: How to get per-user fair share scheduling on Ubuntu 16.04 (with systemd)
2017-08-12: Notes on cgroups and systemd's interaction with them as of Ubuntu 16.04
2017-08-03: Imposing temporary CPU and memory resource limits on a user on Ubuntu 16.04
2017-07-31: Using policy based routing to isolate a testing interface on Linux
2017-07-16: Why upstreams can't document their program's behavior for us
2017-07-14: SELinux's problem of keeping up with general Linux development
2017-07-10: Ubuntu's 'Daily Build' images aren't for us
2017-07-09: Why we're not currently interested in PXE-based Linux installs
2017-07-08: I wish you could easily update the packages on Ubuntu ISO images
2017-06-28: I don't think you should increase ZFS on Linux's write buffering
2017-06-21: The oddity of CVE-2014-9940 and the problem of recognizing kernel security patches
2017-06-11: How to see raw USB events on Linux via usbmon
2017-05-25: Using Linux's Magic Sysrq on modern keyboards without a dedicated Syrq key
2017-05-07: A mistake I made when setting up my ZFS SSD pool on my home machine
2017-05-04: My views on using LVM for your system disk and root filesystem
2017-04-30: Do we want to standardize the size of our root filesystems on servers?
2017-04-24: Corebird and coming to a healthier relationship with Twitter
2017-04-21: A surprising reason grep may think a file is a binary file
2017-04-20: The big motivation for a separate /boot partition
2017-04-17: Shrinking the partitions of a software RAID-1 swap partition
2017-04-16: Migrating a separate /boot filesystem into the root filesystem
2017-04-14: Planning out a disk shuffle for my office workstation
2017-03-31: What I know about process virtual size versus RSS on Linux
2017-03-30: What top's SHR field means in quite modern Linux kernels
2017-03-28: What affects automatically removing old kernels on Ubuntu
2017-03-20: Modern Linux kernel memory allocation rules for higher-order page requests
2017-03-09: I wish you could whitelist kernel modules, instead of blacklisting them
2017-02-24: What an actual assessment of Ubuntu kernel security updates looks like
2017-02-20: Some notes on moving a software RAID-1 root filesystem around (to SSDs)
Some views on the Corebird Twitter client
2017-02-08: How to see and flush the Linux kernel NFS server's authentication cache
2017-02-06: Systemd's slowly but steadily increased idealism about the world
2017-02-05: Systemd should be better than it is, but it is still our best init system
2017-01-30: How you can abruptly lose your filesystem on a software RAID mirror
2017-01-23: Linux desktops and pre-packaged machines from big vendors
2017-01-22: An Ubuntu default Bash setup that irritates me, especially for root
2017-01-19: Thinking about how to add some SSDs on my home machine
2017-01-17: Making my machine stay responsive when writing to USB drives
2017-01-16: Linux is terrible at handling IO to USB drives on my machine
2017-01-10: Picking FreeType CJK fonts for xterm on a modern Linux system

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