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2018-12-31: Our Linux ZFS fileservers work much like to our OmniOS ones
2018-12-30: Our third generation ZFS fileservers and their setup
2018-12-26: The problem of screenshots when you have a HiDPI display
2018-12-21: Moving to Fedora 29 has not been one of the smooth upgrades for me
2018-12-19: My unusual Linux setup of an untagged network and tagged VLANs on the same interface
2018-12-03: Linux disk IO stats in Prometheus
2018-12-02: Checking to see if a process is alive (on Linux)
2018-11-23: Some Linux disk IO stats you can calculate from kernel information
Qualified praise for the Linux ss program
2018-11-18: Old zombie Linux distribution versions aren't really doing you any favours
2018-11-14: Linux iptables compared to OpenBSD PF (through a real example)
2018-11-04: My view on Debian versus Ubuntu LTS for us today
2018-11-01: In Linux, hitting a strict overcommit limit doesn't trigger the OOM killer
2018-10-31: Do I feel uncertain about CentOS's future now? Yes, a bit
2018-10-10: Even systemd services and dependencies are not self-documenting
2018-10-09: Something systemd is missing for diagnosing oddly slow boots
2018-10-07: It's good to check systemd for new boot-time things every so often
2018-09-30: Why updating my Fedora kernels is a complicated multi-step affair
2018-09-28: Using a very old ZFS filesystem can give you a kernel panic on Linux
2018-09-25: A problem with unmounting FUSE mount points that are on NFS filesystems
2018-09-20: Ubuntu pretty much is the 'universe' repository for us
2018-09-11: The Linux kernel's internals showing through in the specifics of an NFS bug
2018-08-31: Making Ubuntu bug reports seems to be useless (or pointless)
2018-08-28: An illustration of why it's hard to port outside code into the Linux kernel
2018-08-10: Fetching really new Fedora packages with Bodhi
2018-08-08: Systemd's DynamicUser feature is (currently) dangerous
A timesyncd total failure and systemd's complete lack of debugability
2018-08-06: Linux's /dev/disk/by-path names for disks change over time
2018-08-02: Ubuntu 18.04's problem with Amanda's amrecover
2018-07-22: The problem with some non-HiDPI aware applications (is that they're very small)
2018-07-21: How we're handling NFS exports for our ZFS on Linux systems
2018-07-20: Linux's NFS exports permissions model compared to Illumos's
2018-07-19: Sometimes it actually is a Linux kernel bug
2018-07-13: ZFS on Linux's sharenfs problem (of what you can and can't put in it)
2018-06-30: My interesting experience with rapid repeated PID rollover on Linux
2018-06-27: My Ryzen-based Linux office machine appears to finally be stable
2018-06-18: Getting Xorg to let you terminate the X server with Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
2018-06-17: A broad overview of how modern Linux systems boot
2018-06-13: The mess Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has made of libreadline
2018-05-30: Taking over program names in Linux is generally hard
2018-05-25: There's real reasons for Linux to replace ifconfig, netstat, et al
2018-05-17: I'm worried about Wayland but there's not much I can do about it
2018-05-16: How you run out of inodes on an extN filesystem (on Linux)
2018-05-12: ZFS on Linux's development version now has much better pool recovery for damaged pools
2018-05-08: How we're going to be doing custom NFS mount authorization on Linux
2018-04-30: You probably need to think about how to handle core dumps on modern Linux servers
2018-04-24: What the core practical problems with HiDPI seem to be on Linux
2018-04-15: The unfortunate configuration choice Grub2 makes in UEFI configurations
2018-04-09: Power consumption numbers for my 2018 home and work machines
2018-04-03: Sorting out my systemd mistake with a script-based service unit
2018-03-31: My new Linux home machine for 2018
2018-03-29: The problem with Linux's 'predictable network interface names'
2018-03-27: My uncertainties around X drivers for modern Intel integrated graphics
2018-03-26: xprt: data for NFS mounts in /proc/self/mountstats is per-fileserver, not per-mount
2018-03-14: What I think I want out of a hypothetical nfsiotop for Linux
2018-03-09: In Fedora, your initramfs contains a copy of your sysctl settings
2018-03-07: The lie in Ubuntu source packages (and probably Debian ones as well)
2018-03-05: Getting chrony to not try to use IPv6 time sources on Fedora
2018-02-17: Using lsblk to get extremely useful information about disks
2018-02-15: DTrace being GPL (and thrown into a Linux kernel) is just the start
2018-02-10: The interesting error codes from Linux program segfault kernel messages
2018-02-09: My failure to migrate my workstation from MBR booting to UEFI
2018-02-08: What the Linux kernel's messages about segfaulting programs mean on 64-bit x86
2018-01-24: What the Linux rcu_nocbs kernel argument does (and my Ryzen issues again)
2018-01-22: Doing something when a Cinnamon-based laptop suspends or hibernates
2018-01-18: A recent performance surprise with X on my Fedora Linux desktop
2018-01-17: My new Ryzen desktop is causing Linux to hang (and it's frustrating)
2018-01-13: Some plans for migrating my workstation from MBR booting to UEFI
2018-01-10: Linux's glibc monoculture is not a bad thing
Glibc and the Linux API
2018-01-03: A brief review of the Dell XPS 13 as a Fedora laptop

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