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2019-12-25: Why udev may be trying to rename your VLAN interfaces to bad names
2019-12-20: My new Linux office workstation disk partitioning for the end of 2019
Splitting a mirrored ZFS pool in ZFS on Linux
2019-12-18: Linux kernel Security Modules (LSMs) need their own errno value
2019-12-13: Working out which of your NVMe drives is in what slot under Linux
2019-12-12: Linux makes your PCIe topology visible in sysfs (/sys)
2019-12-11: Fedora is got a good choice if long term stability and usability is a high priority
2019-12-06: PCIe bus addresses, lspci, and working out your PCIe bus topology
2019-12-05: Looking into your system's PCIe slot topology and PCIe lane count under Linux
2019-11-11: An apparent hazard of removing Linux software RAID mirror devices
2019-11-07: Some notes on getting email when your systemd timer services fail
2019-11-06: Systemd needs official documentation on best practices
2019-11-04: Systemd timer units have the unfortunate practical effect of hiding errors
2019-10-30: Chrony has been working well for us (on Linux, where we use it)
2019-10-29: Netplan's interface naming and issues with it
2019-10-23: The DBus daemon and out of memory conditions (and systemd)
2019-10-19: Ubuntu LTS is (probably) still the best Linux for us and many people
2019-10-15: The Ubuntu package roulette
2019-09-29: Understanding when to use and not use the -F option for flock(1)
2019-09-27: Some field notes on imposing memory resource limits on users on Ubuntu 18.04
2019-09-25: Our workaround for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 failing to reliably reboot some of our servers
2019-09-24: How we implement per-user CPU and memory resource limits on Ubuntu
2019-09-22: The increasing mess of libreadline versions in Linux distributions
2019-09-12: The mystery of why my Fedora 30 office workstation was booting fine
2019-08-16: A gotcha with Fedora 30's switch of Grub to BootLoaderSpec based configuration
Systemd and waiting until network interfaces or addresses are configured
2019-08-12: Linux can run out of memory without triggering the Out-Of-Memory killer
2019-08-11: Roughly when the Linux Out-Of-Memory killer triggers (as of mid-2019)
2019-08-07: Rewriting my iptables rules using ipsets
2019-08-04: Some notes on understanding how to use flock(1)
2019-08-02: If you can, you should use flock(1) for shell script locking
Getting NetworkManager to probably verify TLS certificates for 802.1x networks
2019-07-31: How mountd and exportfs handle NFS export permissions on Linux
2019-07-24: I think I like systemd's DynamicUser feature (under the right circumstances)
2019-07-15: ZFS on Linux still has annoying issues with ARC size
2019-07-09: Systemd services that always restart should probably set a restart delay too
2019-07-06: Clearing disk errors (or SMART complaints) for Linux software RAID arrays
2019-07-03: Finding out what 32-bit x86 Linux programs your users are running
2019-06-23: What it takes to run a 32-bit x86 program on a 64-bit x86 Linux system
2019-06-12: My weird problem with the Fedora 29 version of Firefox 67
An interesting Fedora 29 DNF update loop with the createrepo package
2019-05-28: Distribution packaging of software needs to be informed (and useful)
2019-05-27: Something that Linux distributions should not do when packaging things
2019-05-15: An infrequent odd kernel panic on our Ubuntu 18.04 fileservers
2019-05-13: Fixing Alpine to work over NFS on Ubuntu 18.04 (and probably other modern Linuxes)
2019-05-12: Committed address space versus active anonymous pages in Linux: a mystery
2019-05-08: A Linux machine with a strict overcommit limit can still trigger the OOM killer
2019-04-24: How we're making updated versions of a file rapidly visible on our Linux NFS clients
2019-04-15: How Linux starts non-system software RAID arrays during boot under systemd
2019-04-13: WireGuard was pleasantly easy to get working behind a NAT (or several)
2019-04-05: I won't be trying out ZFS's new TRIM support for a while
2019-03-31: Erasing SSDs with blkdiscard (on Linux)
2019-03-27: A new and exciting failure mode for Linux UEFI booting
2019-03-19: ZFS Encryption is still under development (as of March 2019)
2019-03-07: Our problem with Netplan and routes on Ubuntu 18.04
2019-02-28: Taking advantage of the Linux kernel NFS server's group membership cache
2019-02-27: How to see and flush the Linux kernel NFS server's group membership cache
2019-02-24: Process states from /proc/[pid]/stat versus /proc/stat's running and blocked numbers
The modern danger of locales when you combine sort and cron
2019-02-20: What /proc/[pid]/stat's process state means and where it comes from
2019-02-05: A problem with strict memory overcommit in practice
2019-02-04: Hand-building an updated upstream kernel module for your (Fedora) kernel
2019-01-30: ZFS On Linux's kernel modules issues are not like NVidia's
2019-01-25: The Linux kernel's pstore error log capturing system, and ACPI ERST
2019-01-23: Consider setting your Linux servers to reboot on kernel problems
2019-01-22: Things you can do to make your Linux servers reboot on kernel problems
2019-01-19: A surprise potential gotcha with sharenfs in ZFS on Linux
2019-01-18: Linux CPU numbers are not necessarily contiguous
2019-01-13: Two views of ZFS's GPL-incompatibility and the Linux kernel
The risk that comes from ZFS on Linux not being GPL-compatible
2019-01-06: Linux network-scripts being deprecated is a problem for my home PPPoE link
2019-01-02: How I get a copy of the Ubuntu kernel source code (as of Ubuntu 18.04)

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