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2020-12-20: Who I think CentOS Stream is and isn't for
2020-12-17: Limiting the Nouveau kernel driver's messages via removal
2020-12-12: My views on the suitability of CentOS Stream
2020-12-11: CentOS's switch to CentOS Stream has created a lot of confusion
2020-12-08: CentOS's switch to Stream is a major change in what CentOS is
2020-12-06: Linux's hostname -s switch is now safe for many people, but the situation is messy
2020-11-26: The better way to make an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
Making an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
2020-11-14: Linux servers can still wind up using SATA in legacy PATA mode
2020-11-13: If you use Exim on Ubuntu, you probably want to skip Ubuntu 20.04
2020-11-07: Turning on console blanking on a Linux machine when logged in remotely
2020-11-06: Console blanking now defaults to off on Linux (and has for a while)
2020-11-04: You shouldn't use the Linux dump program any more (on extN filesystems)
2020-11-03: Fixing blank Cinnamon sessions in VMWare virtual machines (on Fedora)
2020-10-31: Some settings you want to make to CyberPower's UPS Powerpanel daemon
2020-10-25: Remotely upgrading my office workstation to Fedora 32 worked fine
2020-10-21: Keeping VMware Workstation VMs running when I quit from VMware
A mystery uncovered by Fedora 32 changing my default font
2020-10-18: We need to start getting some experience with using Ubuntu 20.04
2020-10-06: Linux distributions have sensible reasons to prefer periodic releases
2020-09-13: Rolling distribution releases versus periodic releases are a tradeoff
2020-09-12: Some notes on what Fedora's DNF logs and where
2020-09-07: Why Fedora version upgrades are complicated and painful for me
2020-09-05: Some notes on what the CyberPower UPS 'Powerpanel' software reports to you
2020-08-18: The Prometheus host agent can disturb Linux CPU frequency measurements
2020-08-10: Disabling DNF modules on Fedora 31 so they don't mess up package updates
2020-08-08: More problems with Fedora 31 DNF modules and package updates
2020-08-07: Our problem installing an old Ubuntu kernel set of packages
2020-08-05: We may wind up significantly delaying or mostly skipping Ubuntu 20.04
2020-07-28: Our ZFS spares handling system for ZFS on Linux
2020-07-26: Linux PAM leads to terrible error messages from things like passwd
Keeping backup ZFS on Linux kernel modules around
2020-07-19: In praise of ZFS On Linux's ZED 'ZFS Event Daemon'
2020-07-12: Linux desktop application autostarting is different from systemd user units
2020-07-10: Ubuntu, building current versions of Firefox, and snaps
2020-07-07: Some thoughts on Fedora moving to btrfs as the default desktop file system
2020-06-26: NetworkManager and (not) dealing with conflicting network connections
2020-06-19: Removing unmaintained packages from your Fedora machine should require explicitly opting in
2020-06-17: How applications autostart on modern Linux desktops
A scrolling puzzle involving GTK+, XInput, and alternate desktops (on Fedora)
2020-06-13: An interesting combination of flaws in some /etc/mailcap handling
2020-06-09: My mixed feelings about 'swap on zram' for Linux
2020-05-27: My various settings in X to get programs working on my HiDPI display
2020-05-20: Switching to the new in-kernel WireGuard module was easy (on Fedora 31)
2020-05-08: Linux software RAID resync speed limits are too low for SSDs
2020-05-06: Modern versions of systemd can cause an unmount storm during shutdowns
How to set up an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO image to auto-install a server
2020-05-04: Notes on the autoinstall configuration file format for Ubuntu 20.04
2020-05-01: What problems Snaps and Flatpaks are solving
2020-04-29: The problem of Ubuntu 20.04, Snaps, and where your home directory is
2020-04-27: My views on SystemTap as compared to eBPF for Linux kernel instrumentation
2020-04-17: We've disabled eBPF for normal users on our Linux machines
2020-04-08: Why you want a Linux bootloader even on UEFI systems
2020-04-06: Fedora 31 fumbles DNF modules, package updates edition
2020-04-05: My normal process for upgrading from one Fedora version to another
2020-04-03: Microsoft Teams' bad arrogance on (Fedora) Linux
2020-04-02: We may face some issues with the timing of Ubuntu 20.04 and its effects
2020-04-01: Why Linux bootloaders wind up being complicated
2020-03-17: A problem I'm having with my HiDPI display, remote X, and (X) cursors
2020-03-09: What makes our Ubuntu updates driver program complicated
2020-03-08: How we sort of automate updating system packages across our Ubuntu machines
2020-03-07: Linux's iowait statistic and multi-CPU machines
2020-02-25: The basics of /etc/mailcap on Ubuntu (and Debian)
2020-02-21: An appreciation for Cinnamon's workspace flipping keyboard shortcuts
2020-02-17: The uncertainty of an elevated load average on our Linux IMAP server
The case of mysterious load average spikes on our Linux login server
2020-02-09: I'm likely giving up on trying to read Fedora package update information
2020-01-25: A network interface losing and regaining signal can have additional effects (in Linux)
2020-01-15: Stopping udev from renaming your VLAN interfaces to bad names
2020-01-10: Fedora 31 has decided to allow (and have) giant process IDs (PIDs)
2020-01-07: eBPF based tools are still a work in progress on common Linuxes

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