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2024-05-13: Some ideas on what Linux distributions can do about the new kernel situation
2024-05-12: The Linux kernel giving CVEs to all bugfixes is sort of predictable
2024-05-10: It's very difficult to tell if a Linux kernel bug is a security issue
2024-04-29: Our likely long term future (not) with Ubuntu (as of early 2024)
2024-04-23: Libvirt's virt-viewer and (guest) screen blanking
2024-04-22: Making virtual machine network interfaces inactive in Linux libvirt
2024-04-19: Modern Linux mounts a lot of different types of virtual filesystems
2024-04-17: Limiting the maximum size of Amanda debug logs with a Linux tmpfs mount
2024-04-11: Getting the underlying disks of a Linux software RAID array
2024-04-10: It's far from clear how grub package updates work on Ubuntu
2024-03-31: Some thoughts on switching daemons to be socket activated via systemd
2024-03-22: The Linux kernel.task_delayacct sysctl and why you might care about it
2024-03-21: Reading the Linux cpufreq sysfs interface is (deliberately) slow
2024-03-18: Sorting out PIDs, Tgids, and tasks on Linux
2024-03-16: Some more notes on Linux's ionice and kernel IO priorities
2024-03-13: Restarting systemd-networkd normally clears your 'ip rules' routing policies
2024-03-10: Scheduling latency, IO latency, and their role in Linux responsiveness
2024-03-07: Some notes about the Cloudflare eBPF Prometheus exporter for Linux
2024-03-06: Where and how Ubuntu kernels get their ZFS modules
2024-02-23: Fixing my problem of a stuck 'dnf updateinfo info' on Fedora Linux
2024-02-21: What ZIL metrics are exposed by (Open)ZFS on Linux
2024-02-20: NetworkManager won't share network interfaces, which is a problem
2024-02-13: What is in (Open)ZFS's per-pool "txgs" /proc file on Linux
2024-02-12: Linux kernel boot messages and seeing if your AMD system has ECC
2024-02-10: My plan for backups of my home machine (as of early 2024)
2024-02-07: What I'd like in a hypothetical new desktop machine in 2024
2024-02-06: What the max_connect Linux NFS v4 mount parameter seems to do
2024-01-18: Notes on the Linux kernel's 'irq' pressure stall information and meaning
2024-01-17: Some interesting metrics you can get from cgroup V2 systems
2024-01-12: What we use ZFS on Linux's ZED 'zedlets' for
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