Console blanking now defaults to off on Linux (and has for a while)

November 6, 2020

For a long time, if you left a Linux machine sitting idle at a text console, for example on a server, the kernel would blank the display after a while. Years ago I wrote an entry about how you wanted to turn this off on your Linux servers, where at the time the best way to do this was a kernel parameter. For reasons beyond the scope of this entry, I recently noticed that we were not setting this kernel parameter on our Ubuntu 18.04 servers yet I knew that they weren't blanking their consoles.

(Until I looked at their /proc/cmdline, I thought we had just set 'consoleblank=0' as part of their standard kernel command line parameters.)

It turns out that the kernel's default behavior here changed back in 2017, ultimately due to this Ubuntu bug report. That bug led to this kernel change (which has a nice commit message explaining everything), which took it from an explicit ten minutes to implicitly being disabled (a C global variable without an explicit initializer is zero). Based on some poking at the git logs, it appears that this was introduced in 4.12, which means that it's in Ubuntu 18.04's kernel but not 16.04's.

(You can tell what the current state of this timeout is on any given machine by looking at /sys/module/kernel/parameters/consoleblank. It's 0 if this is disabled, and otherwise the number of seconds before the text console blanks.)

We have remaining Ubuntu 16.04 machines but they're all going away within a few months (one way or another), so it's not worth fixing their console blanking situation now that I've actually noticed it. Working from home due to ongoing events makes that a simpler choice, since if a machine locks up we're not going to go down to the machine room to plug in a monitor and look at its console; we're just going to remotely power cycle it as the first step.

(Our default kernel parameters tend to have an extremely long lifetime. We're still automatically setting a kernel parameter to deal with a problem we ran into ino Ubuntu 12.04. At this point I have no idea if that old problem still happens on current kernels, but we might as well leave it there just in case.)

Written on 06 November 2020.
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