mxiostat: second generation better Linux disk IO statistics

July 11, 2011

A while back I wrote and put up xiostat, a program that I wrote to give us a faithful recounting of the Linux kernel's disk IO stats after we discovered the problems with iostat's numbers. Mxiostat is the second generation of xiostat, in part because it will report on multiple disks at once (hence the 'm', for 'multiple').

Because it is now 2011 instead of 2006, I have put the mxiostat source code into git and published it on github as siebenmann/mxiostat. It's a bit minimal and needs some work (like a manual page), which I may or may not get around to someday. Usage information is in the comments at the top of; information on what the stats are is in comments at the bottom of and in DiskIOStats.

(Someday I may have a page for it on here too, but we'll see. It's pretty tempting to just use github for all of that.)

Written on 11 July 2011.
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