How not to improve your CD player application

March 24, 2009

This is one of the rare entries that I have to present in pictorial form.

Here is a 65% size view of what kscd, the KDE CD playing program, looks like in Fedora 8 (where it is version 1.6, from KDE 3.5.10):

Fedora 8 KsCD

Here is what it looks like in Fedora 10, again 65% size:

Fedora 10 KsCD

(Links to full sized versions are here and here. Note that the Fedora 10 version is a shaped window; the black areas are normally transparent.)

One of these two applications is useful. The other one has been 'improved', presumably because people thought that the first one looked kind of boring (also, apparently, people wanted to be able to give the CD player 'skins'; there are several supplied with Fedora 10's kscd, all of them equally bad). In the process it has been made less useful and even less functional (they are playing the same CD, but only the older one displays the artist correctly).

Apparently I now need a new CD player program, just like last time. Which is a real shame, because kscd was a nice CD player once it started working reliably in Fedora 8.

(Alternately I need to figure out how to build the Fedora 8 version of kscd on Fedora 10. Hopefully the KDE libraries are compatible enough.)

Written on 24 March 2009.
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