We've permanently disabled overlayfs on our servers

February 22, 2016

I tweeted:

Oh look, yet another Linux kernel local exploit in the overlayfs module. Time to permanently blacklist it on all of our machines.

Today's bugs are CVE-2016-1576 and CVE-2016-1575 (via). There have been others before, and probably more that my casual Internet searches aren't turning up.

Based on my experiences so far, the two most common ingredients in exploitable kernel security issues we've been seeing Ubuntu announcements for are overlayfs and user namespaces. As far as I know, we can't do anything to turn off user namespaces without rebuilding and maintaining our own kernel packages, but overlayfs is (just) a loadable kernel module. A kernel module that we don't use.

So now we have an /etc/modprobe.d/cslab-overlayfs.conf file on all of our servers that says:

# Permanently stop overlayfs from being loaded
# because it keeps having security issues and
# we don't use it.
blacklist overlayfs
install overlayfs /bin/false

Pretty soon this will be in our install framework, which means that future machines will probably be like this for several Ubuntu LTS versions to come. I feel some vague regret, but not very much. I'm done putting up with the whole 'surely we'll get this right someday' approach to making these subsystems not create security issues.

By the way, I don't find issues in either subsystem to be particularly surprising given what they do. User namespaces especially are a recipe for trouble in practice, because they let you create environments that break long standing Unix security assumptions. Sure, they are supposed to only do this in a way that is still secure, but in practice, no, things keep slipping through the cracks. In a sane world it would be possible to disable user namespaces at runtime on distribution kernels. Sadly we're not in that world.

Written on 22 February 2016.
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