xiostat: better Linux disk IO statistics

April 10, 2006

Xiostat is the program I wrote to give us a faithful recounting of the Linux kernel's disk IO stats after we discovered the problems with iostat's numbers. I've now finally gotten around to putting it up on the web and making a page that explains how to run it and what its output means and so on.

The current version is a bit slapdash, but I have verified that it (still) works on bog standard 2.6 Linux kernels (and thus should work on Debian Sarge, Fedora Core 2+, etc) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. It should also work on RHEL 3, but I don't have any handy RHEL 3 systems to test on right now.

Current information on xiostat's status will always be on the xiostat page, so check there for status updates from after this WanderingThoughts entry has been published.

(I am so habituated to using xiostat that when I wrote the original iostat entry I kept automatically typing 'xiostat' instead of 'iostat'.)

Written on 10 April 2006.
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