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2017-12-06: In practice, Go's slices are two different data structures in one
2017-12-04: Some notes on using Go to check and verify SSH host keys
2017-11-24: Shooting myself in the foot by using exec in a shell script
2017-11-23: Understanding a tricky case of Bourne shell redirection and command parsing
2017-11-20: Major version changes are often partly a signal about support
2017-10-18: Using Shellcheck is good for me
2017-10-10: An interesting way to leak memory with Go slices
2017-10-09: JavaScript as the extension language of the future
2017-09-25: What I use printf for when hacking changes into programs
2017-09-24: Reading code and seeing what you're biased to see, illustrated
2017-08-31: With git, it's useful to pick the right approach to your problem
2017-08-27: Is bootstrapping Go from source faster using Go 1.9 or Go 1.8?
2017-08-23: Why Go changes its minimum version requirements for OSes (and hardware)
An unexpected risk of using Go is it ending support for older OS versions
2017-08-13: Sorting out slice mutability in Go
2017-07-07: Programming Bourne shell scripts is tricky, with dim corners
2017-07-06: My current views on Shellcheck
2017-07-05: How I shot my foot because the Bourne shell is different
2017-06-16: Go interfaces and automatically generated functions
2017-06-06: A humbling experience of misreading some simple (Go) code
2017-05-31: Why one git fetch default configuration bit is probably okay
2017-05-29: Configuring Git worktrees to limit what's fetched on pulls
2017-05-28: My thoughts on git worktrees for me (and some notes on things I tried)
2017-05-12: Where bootstrapping Go with a modern version of Go has gotten faster
2017-05-10: Building the Go compiler from source from scratch (on Unix)
2017-04-30: Some more feelings on nondeterministic garbage collection
2017-04-27: Understanding Git's model versus understanding its magic
2017-04-26: Coming to a better understanding of what git rebase does
2017-04-23: How I rebased changes on top of other rebased changes in Git
2017-03-20: My theory on why Go's gofmt has wound up being accepted
2017-03-03: Why exposing only blocking APIs are ultimately a bad idea
2017-02-16: Waiting for a specific wall-clock time in Unix
2017-02-14: Does CR LF as a line ending cause extra problems with buffers?
2017-01-26: Things that make Go channels expensive to implement
2017-01-14: My picks for mind-blowing Git features
2017-01-08: One downside of a queued IO model is memory consumption for idle connections

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