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2018-12-16: The Go 2 Error Handling proposal will likely lead to more use of error in return types
2018-12-07: Modern Bourne shell arithmetic is pretty pleasant
2018-11-29: Go 2 Generics: Interfaces are not the right model for type constraints
2018-11-28: Go 2 Generics: A way to make contracts more readable for people (if not programs)
2018-11-16: Go 2 Generics: Contracts are too clever
2018-10-15: Garbage collection and the underappreciated power of good enough
2018-10-06: A deep dive into the OS memory use of a simple Go program
Go basically never frees heap memory back to the operating system
2018-09-28: Addressable values in Go (and unaddressable ones too)
2018-09-27: Learning about Go's unaddressable values and slicing
2018-09-21: Your databases always have a schema
2018-09-13: I don't like getters and setters and prefer direct field access
2018-09-07: My view of the current state of Go's dependency management (as of Go 1.11)
2018-09-04: Some views on the Go 2 Error Inspection early draft proposal
2018-08-29: How I recently used vendoring in Go
2018-08-14: Go's net package doesn't have opaque errors, just undocumented ones
2018-08-03: How I want to use Go's versioned modules
2018-07-25: One advantage of Go modules will be less mess in $HOME/go/src
2018-07-11: You should probably write down what your math actually means
2018-06-06: The downsides of processing files using too large a buffer size
2018-06-04: What I use Github for and how I feel about it
2018-05-25: Some notes on Go's runtime.KeepAlive() function
2018-05-21: Bad versions of packages in the context of minimal version selection
2018-05-20: 'Minimal version selection' accepts that semantic versioning is fallible
2018-05-12: Sorting out some of my current views on operator overloading in general
2018-04-17: Go and the pragmatic problems of having a Python-like with statement
2018-04-06: Using Go finalizers can be a better option than not using them
2018-03-02: Frequent versus infrequent developers (in languages and so on)
A sysadmin's perspective on Go vendoring and vgo
2018-02-28: egrep's -o argument is great for extracting unusual fields
2018-02-23: Github and publishing Git repositories
2018-02-21: Sorting out what exec does in Bourne shell pipelines
2018-02-05: I should remember that sometimes C is a perfectly good option
2018-01-28: Adding 'view page in no style' to the WebExtensions API in Firefox Quantum
Adding 'view page in no style' to Firefox Quantum's context menu
2018-01-18: Why Go cares about the difference between unsafe.Pointer and uintptr
2018-01-02: Some notes on relative imports and vendor/ in Go

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