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2020-12-28: A little puzzle with printf() and C argument passing
2020-12-20: Go modules are soon going to be the only future
2020-12-18: On Go, release timing, and new machines
2020-11-27: Setting up self-contained Go program source that uses packages
2020-11-09: Getting the git tags that are before and after a commit (in simple cases)
2020-10-16: Go is gaining the ability to trace init calls on program startup
2020-10-15: Go packages can have more than one init() function
2020-09-29: Where (and how) you limit your concurrency in Go can matter
2020-09-16: Why I write recursive descent parsers (despite their issues)
2020-09-15: When the Go garbage collector will panic over bad pointer values
2020-09-01: Even in Go, concurrency is still not easy (with an example)
2020-08-29: An interesting mistake with Go's context package that I (sort of) made
2020-08-15: Go will inline functions across packages (under the right circumstances)
2020-08-14: Go 1.15's interface optimization for small integers is invisible to Go programs
2020-08-12: How Go 1.15 improved converting small integer values to interfaces
2020-08-01: Getting my head around the choice between sleeping and 'tickers'
2020-07-18: Using Go build directives to optionally use new APIs in the standard library
2020-07-10: The impact on middleware of expanding APIs with Go's interface smuggling
2020-07-08: "Interface smuggling", a Go design pattern for expanding APIs
2020-07-05: A Go lesson learned: sometimes I don't want to use goroutines if possible
2020-06-21: In Go, the compiler needs to know the types of things when copying values
2020-06-19: People's efficiency expectations for generics in 'Go 2' and patterns of use
2020-06-14: Product code and utility code
2020-06-07: A Go time package gotcha with parsing time strings that use named time zones
2020-06-02: A subtle trap when formatting Go time.Time values
2020-05-13: Getting my head around what things aren't comparable in Go
2020-05-04: The Go compiler has real improvements in new versions (and why)
2020-04-27: I think you should generally be using the latest version of Go
2020-04-17: Some bits of grep usage are where I disagree with Shellcheck
2020-03-22: Avoiding the 'dangling else' language problem with mandatory block markers
2020-03-19: Sorting out Go's 'for ... = range ..' and when it copies things
2020-03-02: More or less what versions of Go support what OpenBSD releases (as of March 2020)
2020-03-01: The situation with Go on OpenBSD
2020-02-28: One reason for Go to prefer providing indexes in for ... range loops
2020-02-12: Some git aliases that I use
2020-02-07: I frequently use dependencies because they enable my programs to exist
2020-01-22: Why I've come to like that Go's type inference is limited
2020-01-15: How Go's net.DialContext() stops things when the context is cancelled

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