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2023-12-18: In Go, constant variables are not used for optimization
2023-12-14: Partially emulating #ifdef in Go with build tags and consts
2023-11-27: Go's API stability and making assumptions, even in semi-official code
2023-11-19: Third party Emacs packages that I use (as of November 2023)
2023-11-11: Go modules and the domain expiry problem
2023-11-01: People do change what a particular version is of a Go module
2023-10-21: Understanding dynamic menubar menus in GNU Emacs
2023-10-20: Changing the menu bar order of Emacs easy-menu menus
2023-10-17: (Minibuffer) completion categories in GNU Emacs and forcing them
2023-10-09: My understanding of various sorts of completion in GNU Emacs
2023-10-06: Understanding the orderless package for GNU Emacs
2023-10-03: In praise of modest, simple third party packages for GNU Emacs
2023-09-22: Changing GNU Emacs Lisp functions through advice-add, not brute force
2023-09-18: Making a function that defines functions in GNU Emacs ELisp
2023-09-14: An important difference between intern and make-symbol in GNU Emacs ELisp
2023-09-11: GNU Emacs, use-package, and key binding for mode specific keymaps
2023-08-28: Go 1.22's (likely) new reflect.TypeFor() generic function
2023-08-11: Some problems with 'first name' and 'last name' fields in data
2023-08-09: A program's (effective) log messages can have many sources
2023-08-08: Programs shouldn't commit to fixed and predictable log messages
2023-07-28: The issue with control flow in interpreters using the 'eval' pattern
2023-07-24: The 'eval' pattern for interpreting simple languages
2023-07-09: Polymorphism and other important aspects of inheritance
2023-06-23: Go 1.21 will (probably) download newer toolchains on demand by default
2023-06-19: Failing to draw lines between 'script' and 'program'
2023-06-18: One temptation of shell scripting is reusing other people's code
2023-06-07: A retrospective on my thesis about language niches, fifteen years later
2023-05-25: That people produce HTML with string templates is telling us something
2023-05-20: Some notes on the cost of Go finalizers (in Go 1.20)
2023-05-14: Why I use separate lexers in my recursive descent parsers
2023-04-22: The two types of C programmers (a provocative thesis)
2023-04-19: An interesting mistake I made with a (Go) SSH client API
2023-04-10: Failing to build a useful pre Go 1.21 static Go toolchain on Linux
2023-04-07: Go 1.21 will (likely) have a static toolchain on Linux
2023-03-27: Moving from 'master' to 'main' in Git with local changes
2023-03-05: An unexciting idea: Code changes have context
2023-02-12: The case for atomic types in programming languages
2023-02-01: C was not created as an abstract machine (of course)
2023-01-28: I should assume contexts aren't retained in Go APIs
2023-01-16: Backporting changes is clearly hard, which is a good reason to avoid it
2023-01-10: My Git settings for carrying local changes on top of upstream development

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