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2017-12-29: To get much faster, an implementation of Python must do less work
2017-12-14: How Python makes it hard to write well structured little utilities
2017-11-27: Code stability in my one Django web application
2017-11-05: How collections.defaultdict is good for your memory usage
2017-10-18: I still like Python and often reach for it by default
2017-10-03: Some thoughts on having both Python 2 and 3 programs
2017-09-21: My potential qualms about using Python 3 in projects
2017-09-17: Why I didn't use the attrs module in a recent Python project
2017-08-11: Some notes from my brief experience with the Grumpy transpiler for Python
2017-08-05: I've been hit by the startup overhead of small programs in Python
2017-07-26: Why I care about Apache's mod_wsgi so much
2017-07-25: If you're going to use PyPy, I think you need servers
2017-07-18: Python's complicating concept of a callable
2017-06-22: Why we're not running the current version of Django
2017-06-03: The Python Gilectomy project's performance problem
2017-05-24: Exploiting Python's Global Interpreter Lock for atomic operations is fun
2017-05-22: Safely using Python's Global Interpreter Lock is quite tricky and subtle
2017-04-17: What I mostly care about for speeding up our Python programs
2017-04-03: Why modules raising core exceptions mostly hurts, not helps, your users
2017-03-18: Part of why Python 3.5's await and async have some odd usage restrictions
2017-03-16: How we can use yield from to implement coroutines
2017-03-15: Sorting out Python generator functions and yield from in my head
2017-02-26: In Python, strings are infinitely recursively iterable
How recursively flattening a list raises a Python type question
2017-02-10: Python won't (and can't) import native modules from zip archives
2017-01-25: I think docstrings in Python are for everything, not just public things
2017-01-23: My still-mixed feelings about Python's docstrings

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