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2018-12-31: Thinking about DWiki's Python 3 Unicode issues
2018-12-15: Python 3's approach to filenames and arguments is pragmatically right
2018-11-16: Restisting the temptation to rely on Ubuntu for Django 1.11
2018-11-12: What Python 3 versions I can use (November 2018 edition)
2018-10-28: The obviousness of inheritance blinded me to the right solution
2018-10-25: I should always give my Python classes a __str__ method
2018-10-16: Quickly bashing together little utilities with Python is nice
2018-09-17: Python 3 supports not churning memory on IO
2018-09-16: CPython has a fairly strongly predictable runtime, which can be handy
2018-08-24: Incremental development in Python versus actual tests
2018-08-23: It's time for me to buckle down and add tests to our Django web app
2018-07-23: Some notes on lifting Python 2 code into Python 3 code
2018-07-15: When I'll probably be able to use Python assignment expressions
2018-07-10: Remembering that Python lists can use tuples as the sort keys
2018-06-20: Revising my view on Python 3 for new code again: you should use it
The time to be compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3 is past
2018-05-10: Python modules use operator overloading in two different ways
2018-05-07: One reason why Python doesn't let you overload the boolean AND and OR operations
2018-04-12: I'm hoping that RHEL 8's decision on Python 2 isn't Ubuntu 20.04's decision
2018-04-10: Our real problem with a removal of Python 2 is likely to be our users
2018-04-08: The interesting question of whether Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will include Python 2
2018-03-22: Why seeing what current attributes a Python object has is hard
2018-03-20: Python and the 'bags of unstructured data' approach
2018-02-28: Using Python 3 for example code here on Wandering Thoughts
2018-02-25: What Python does when you subclass a __slots__ class is the right answer
2018-01-09: Differences between keywords and constants in Python
2018-01-07: The challenges of having true constants in Python
2018-01-06: What's happening when you change True and False in Python 2

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