Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-12-22: Filenames and paths should be a unique type and not a form of strings
2019-12-14: It's unfortunately time to move away from using '/usr/bin/python'
2019-11-24: Timing durations better in Python (most of the time)
2019-11-23: Thinking about timeouts and exceptions in Python
2019-11-15: How we structure our Django web application's configuration settings
2019-10-18: Remembering that Django template code is not quite your Django Python code
2019-10-16: Some magical weirdness in Django's HTML form classes
2019-09-07: CentOS 7 and Python 3
2019-09-04: If you use the rarfile module, make sure you're using version 3.0 (or later)
2019-08-30: How I'm dealing with my Python indentation problem in GNU Emacs
2019-08-18: Early notes on using LSP-based editing in GNU Emacs for Python
2019-08-17: A situation where Python has undefined values
2019-07-17: Django 1.11 has a bug that causes intermittent CSRF validation failures
2019-07-10: I brought our Django app up using Python 3 and it mostly just worked
2019-07-04: Django's goals are probably not our goals for our web application
2019-06-29: Being realistic about what we're going to do with our Django app
2019-06-24: The convenience (for me) of people writing commands in Python
2019-05-30: Conditional expressions in any form are an attractive thing
2019-05-26: Why I no longer have strong feelings about changes to Python
2019-05-10: Some thoughts on Red Hat Enterprise 8 including Python 2 and what it means
2019-04-26: Various aspects of Python made debugging my tarfile problem unusual
2019-04-10: The tarfile module is too generous about what is considered a tar file
2019-03-17: Going from a bound instance method to its class instance in Python
2019-03-16: Callable class instances versus closures in Python
2019-02-22: Using default function arguments to avoid creating a class
2019-02-20: The cliffs in the way of adding tests to our Django web app
2019-01-27: How to handle Unicode character decoding errors depends on your goals
2019-01-21: Two annoyances I have with Python's imaplib module
2019-01-20: A few notes on using SSL in Python 3 client programs
2019-01-12: I have somewhat mixed feelings about Python 3's socket module errors

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