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2021-12-29: Pipx's 'reinstall' command works right by reinstalling injected packages too
2021-12-22: Using pipx in a PyPy installation more or less just works
2021-11-28: The problem I have with Pip's dependency version handling
2021-11-05: If we use PyPy, we'll likely use our own install of it
2021-10-31: Python 3 forced its own hand so that standard input had to be Unicode
2021-10-29: Things to do in Python 3 when your Unix standard input is badly encoded
2021-10-22: Python 2's status in various Linux distributions (October 2021 edition)
2021-10-05: Some early notes on using pipx for managing third-party Python programs
2021-09-16: Use virtual environments to install third-party Python programs from PyPI
2021-09-15: Some notes on upgrading programs with Python's pip
2021-08-22: What we'll likely do when Linux distributions drop Python 2 entirely
Setting up Python LSP support in GNU Emacs is reasonably worth it
2021-07-22: Apache's mod_wsgi and the Python 2 issue it creates
2021-07-08: A semi-surprise with Python's urllib.parse and partial URLs
2021-06-28: I should keep track of what Python packages I install through pip
2021-06-10: Early notes on using the new python-lsp-server (pylsp) in GNU Emacs
2021-05-20: The temptation to start using some Python type hints
2021-05-08: It's pleasantly easy to install PyPy yourself (from their binaries)
2021-04-23: How I want to use pip with PyPy to install third party programs
2021-04-20: PyPy starts fast enough for our Python 2 commands
2021-03-08: Packaging Python 2 doesn't mean that Linux distributions support it
2021-03-02: The Python ctypes security issue and Python 2
2021-02-13: Where the default values for Python function arguments are stored
2021-02-12: An interesting issue around using is with a literal in Python
2021-01-25: Time for Python 2 users to make sure we have a copy of Pip and other pieces
2021-01-13: Installing Pip in Python 2 environments that don't provide it already

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