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2022-12-09: Sometimes an Ubuntu package of a Python module is probably good enough
2022-12-08: Python version upgrades and deprecations
2022-11-19: Python dictionaries and floating point NaNs as keys
2022-10-29: Importing a Python program that doesn't have a .py extension
2022-09-29: Python virtual environments can usually or often be moved around
2022-07-30: Python is my default choice for scripts that process text
2022-06-18: Humanizing numbers in Python through a regexp substitution function
2022-06-17: What is our Python 2 endgame going to be?
2022-05-24: Some notes on providing Python code as a command line argument
2022-05-16: Python programs as wrappers versus filters of other Unix programs
2022-04-22: The state of Python (both 2 and 3) in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
2022-03-29: Fixing Pipx when you upgrade your system Python version
2022-03-19: Some problems that Python's cgi.FieldStorage has
2022-03-18: Our limited use of Python's cgi module
2022-03-02: A Python program can be outside of a virtual environment it uses
2022-02-27: Python's os.environ is surprisingly liberal in some ways
2022-02-21: Python's Global Interpreter Lock is not there for Python programmers
2022-01-28: Some things on Django's CSRF protection, sessions, and REMOTE_USER
2022-01-27: Django and Apache HTTP Basic Authentication (and REMOTE_USER)
2022-01-17: Pipx and a problem with changing the system Python version

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