DWiki's code is now on Github (among other things)

December 13, 2011

As a followup to my first experiment with coding in public, I've put a few other Python projects up on Github. They are:

  • dwiki, the code for DWiki itself (the software that runs this blog), plus the basic page templates and so on that I use. I'm not entirely happy with the actual organization of the code, but I have no energy to reform it at this point (or, more likely, rewrite it from scratch).

    (At the moment the specific additional templates for WanderingThoughts are not bundled in.)

  • portnanny is a powerful inetd-like frontend for a single TCP service, with a great deal of filtering power. It's also the Python code that I'm probably most proud of, since I think I did a decent job of structuring it and writing tests.

    (The quality of its code may be related to the fact that it was a total rewrite of an earlier attempt.)

  • python-netblock is a Python module for dealing with sets of IP address ranges; as part of this it has a module for sets of integer ranges in general. It comes with a command line netblock calculator that I use all the time (although there's no manpage for it right now).

I've made an index page for all of my Github things that I intend to keep up to date, or you can of course just look at things on Github.

Written on 13 December 2011.
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