Django and primary keys versus surrogate keys

February 2, 2011

What Django does to my primary key problem is magnify the effects of changes and errors in two ways. First, the admin interface allows convenient direct insertion of data into the database, including immediately creating foreign key dependencies. People sometimes make mistakes when typing things in; the fewer steps between typing in something and having it wind up in the database, the fewer chances you have of catching your error. In a slower environment I might have noticed some of my typos after I had written the file of loader commands or SQL but before I had run it to insert things into the database, or perhaps at least before I started pointing foreign key relationships at those mistakes.

(Since straightforward SQL makes you re-type the foreign key value when using it, I'd also have had another chance to notice that I was making a stupid typo.)

Second, Django's admin interface makes it equally direct and simple to delete data and to cascade this deletion through to dependent records (and yes, it shows you everything that will be deleted and asks if you're sure). However, it has no equivalent way of doing a mass update to fix a primary key mistake (where you change all records pointing to the old record to point to the new one); you have to drop into Python (or direct SQL) to do that.

(In the SQL database I'm used to, attempting to do something that broke a foreign key relationship would normally error out, forcing you to stop and fix the whole situation. Possibly the Django admin interface can be tweaked to do that too; I didn't look closely.)

I don't think that Django is wrong for doing either of these things. Both are simply the consequence of making a better, more convenient interface for database administration operations.

Written on 02 February 2011.
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