Milter tools for Python and an experiment with coding in public

June 23, 2011

I've decided to buckle down and write some Python code to deal with sendmail milters, in order to satisfy a long standing desire of mine. The current name of this code is 'python-milter-tools', and so far I have encoders and decoders for all v2 milter protocol messages and some code to make it easier to talk the milter protocol over sockets. So far it is mostly focused on the 'MTA' side of the protocol, since that's what I'm interested in.

(I should note that although this code has survived talking with a real milter client, it has not been put into actual use and may have issues.)

As an experiment in the modern way of doing things I've decided to use git and put the code up on github. I've taken to call this 'coding in public', and it's an interesting feeling so far. It's probably caused me to write more tests and more documentation than I otherwise would have at this point in the code's life. The tests are not complete, but do demonstrate some of my general approaches to testing Python code.

(The observant will notice that I renamed the repository once already. Names are hard.)

Written on 23 June 2011.
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