Why I like Python more than Perl

July 20, 2006

My attempts to write a general 'why I like Python' entry to answer a recent comment have floundered completely. However, part of the answer is in the reasons why I like Python more than Perl, and I came up with a summary of that back when I started programming in Python (and still had a copy of it, once I could find it).

The three problems I have with Perl that Python deals with are:

  1. an unstructured namespace, which means that any time I want to do something I get to hunt through a listing of six zillion routines, most of them irrelevant.
  2. limited data structures unless I get a chainsaw and do pointers (I get 'scalars' and 'containers of scalars' and after that have to resort to more or less explicit use of references).
  3. a profusion of namespaces, with confusing operators and distinctions and passing them around and rules for doing things with them and and and.

(Disclaimer: tastes differ. I don't expect everyone to have my reactions to Perl, and there are certainly appealing aspects of Perl (including CPAN).)

Written on 20 July 2006.
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