Where to find the Illumos source repository

November 22, 2010

I know, the Illumos people are busy. But it still makes me grumpy that it is a several-step process (which sort of requires JavaScript) to get from their web page to find out where the Illumos equivalent of the OpenSolaris source repository (theoretically) is.

(I say theoretically because it is not responding for me right now.)

This process might go faster if you are already immersed in the arcana of OpenSolaris development, but I wasn't. Since I was looking at the source code for diagnostic purposes, I ignored almost all of the OpenSolaris development stuff and terminology.

(Not that looking at Illumos source is really useful for me right now, but given that Illumos is the future of OpenSolaris, I want to keep track of it.)

For my future reference if nothing else, here are the relevant links:

  • the Illumos version of OpenSolaris's code base is called illumos-gate. Build instructions, including information on where the actual source repository is, are here.

  • the Mercurial repository that is analogous to OpenSolaris's onnv-gate is (theoretically) at http://hg.illumos.org/illumos-gate/

    Update: it's been pointed out to me (see comments) that the ssh version of this is faster and more reliable; the Mercurial repo identifier for this is ssh://anonhg@hg.illumos.org/illumos-gate

    You can't browse it online, but for that there are versions on github and bitbucket.org (see comments for URLs).

  • the Illumos FAQ.

I've linked to the FAQ because it isn't directly accessible from the front page if you do not have JavaScript enabled. Sadly, the result of enabling JavaScript is that it exposes a wretched page design, where sometimes you get some important links at the top center of the page and sometimes you get a set of sponsor logos. To make it worse the two alternatives result in a different sized content box, causing other page content to jump up and down when the JavaScript decides to switch back and forth.

(I will award the Illumos people bonus points for making a https version of their site available and in fact pointing many links at it.)

Written on 22 November 2010.
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