More on the Solaris ssh stuff (part 2)

June 27, 2006

As an update on the Solaris ssh stuff:

Sun has just today released version 08 of patch 114356, which fixes the 'xmalloc: zero size' problem (charmingly described in the patch README as 'New ssh in Sol. 9 exits if the key fingerprint cannot be found in the known_host files'), but not the problems with and the GSS stuff.

This is a good step forward, and it fixes the most important issue, since the xmalloc problem actually makes ssh unusable while the GSS stuff just spews noxious messages. But I remain not very happy with how long it's taken Sun to fix this ssh bug; 114356-07 was released on March 21st, which means it took just over three months. (I can't imagine a Linux distribution letting a trivially reproducible fatal ssh bug sit for three weeks, much less three months.)

Maybe Sun considers ssh an unimportant utility. If so, someone please disabuse them of this notion.

Written on 27 June 2006.
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