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2017-12-19: Attachment types that we see in email from Zen-listed IP addresses
2017-12-18: What file types we see inside ZIP archives with only a single file in email
2017-11-29: Sometimes the right thing to do about a spate of spam is nothing (probably)
2017-11-22: Delays on SMTP replies discourage apparently SMTP AUTH scanners
2017-10-31: We've now seen malware in a tar archive
2017-10-23: I've now seen something doing SMTP probing of IPv6 addresses
2017-10-06: Spam issues need to be considered from the start
2017-10-05: Google is objectively running a spammer mailing list service
2017-09-05: If spam false positives are inevitable, should we handle them better?
2017-09-04: The idea of 'spam levels' may be a copout
2017-08-31: People probably aren't going to tell you when your anti-spam systems are working
2017-08-30: We've wound up using the spam scores from some other mail systems
2017-08-28: The types of attachments we see for malware-laden email
2017-07-14: Some people feel that all permanent SMTP failures are actually temporary
2017-07-04: LinkedIn is still trying to send me email despite years of rejections
2017-06-29: The TLDs of sender addresses for a week of our spam (June 2017 edition)
2017-06-19: Plan for manual emergency blocks for your overall mail system
2017-05-21: A 'null MX' is also useful for blocking forged senders from non-email domains
2017-05-20: We now have an officially standardized 'null MX' record
2017-04-09: A single .jar recognized as several types of malware at once
2017-04-07: Spammers probably aren't paying any particular attention to you
2017-04-05: Making your SMTP rejection messages be useful for you
2017-04-03: Some DNSBL developments I've just heard about
2017-04-02: The Spamhaus CSS includes more than dedicated spam ranges
2017-03-24: An odd and persistent year old phish spammer
2017-03-10: Malware is sometimes sent through organized, purchased infrastructure
2017-02-25: A single email message with quite a lot of different malware
2017-02-13: What file types we see inside singleton nested zipfiles in email
2017-02-09: Malware strains may go away sometimes, but they generally come back
2017-01-31: Email attachments of singleton nested zipfiles are suspicious
2017-01-20: Spam and virus filtering on email is a risk (although likely not a big one)

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