An extravagant and dense piece of malware-laden email

September 2, 2018

In the process of looking through our mail system logs for my entry on phish spam with multiple tries, I stumbled over the following extravagant and apparently densely packed email message:

<ID> attachment application/zip; MIME file ext: .zip; zip exts: .jar; inner zip exts: .class[4] .mf none[2]; email is in-dnsbl
rejected <ID> from to <redacted>: identified virus: CXmail/JarZip-A, Mal/Jacksbot-A, Mal/Jeetrat-A, Troj/JavaBz-WB
detail <id> Subject: [PMX:SPAM] [PMX:VIRUS] Kindly Quota

That's a single attachment with a relatively ordinary looking '.jar in .zip' (well, for malware), where Sophos identified no less than four different sorts of bad things. I wonder if every single .class file in that JAR had a different piece of malware in it.

(It also appears possible that Sophos identified the JAR file as a whole as being one sort of malware and then some pieces inside it as being additional sorts of malware. But all of this is opaque.)

At the time of this message, the IP address was in and was in Neither are true any more, so someone cleaned up something. We logged the message headers, but none of them have anything interesting except that the message was DKIM-signed by with a valid signature.

(This goes to show that valid DKIM signatures mean absolutely nothing about the quality of the email itself. I'm sure we all knew this already, but I like to provide examples every so often.)

PS: It appears that we don't receive any valid, accepted email that has a single .jar in a .zip by itself. It's possible that this is a case like singleton nested zipfiles, where we should just block all of these out of hand. On the other hand, if we did this I wouldn't get lovely log reports like this (we reject bad attachment types before we run them past Sophos PureMessage).

Written on 02 September 2018.
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