Spam storm aftermath, July 30th 2005

July 31, 2005

The spam storm seems to have died down now and it's a Saturday night, so time for a wrapup and a look at the overall stats this week.

This week's total is 295,000 SMTP connections from at least 38,000 different IP addresses. In hindsight, the spam storm was probably already dying on the 26th, since we got only about another 60,000 SMTP connections since then (which is more or less average). While our logs show some more hits characteristic of the spammer after that point, the volume steadily decreased over the rest of the week.

Kernel level filtering:

Host/Mask           Packets   Bytes       7193    391K         4058    195K          3768    181K          3565    214K          3143    189K         3119    156K          2933    148K         2709    136K          2392    143K         2309    111K

Interesting, this week sees far fewer individual IP addresses in the top 10 and more (large) netblocks. The counts are also up, so I suspect that a lot of zombies in those netblocks were trying to hammer on us.

Stats on SMTP connection time rejections:

 25376 total
 13070 dynamic IP
  8509 bad or no reverse DNS
  1853 class bl-cbl
   525 class bl-sbl
   345 class bl-spews
   252 class bl-sdul
   232 class bl-dsbl
   228 class bl-njabl
    63 class bl-ordb
    24 class bl-opm

The SBL hits are way up, but I believe mostly because a few SBL listed spam sources decided to hammer on us this week (with the big winner being SBL24651 at almost a hundred attempts between two IP addresses). Unsurprisingly the SORBS DUL is up, since a lot of zombies are going to be dynamic IP addresses and hopefully listed there.

We saw successful SMTP connections from only 1227 different IP addresses, and actual mail delivery from only 189 different IP addresses, again the usual pathetic ratios. (Spam, spam, oh glorious spam. Please die now.)

Our volume of bad HELOs and people sending us bounces to nonexistent local users is down. (I'm not going to try to generate systematic numbers.)

Written on 31 July 2005.
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