Weekly spam summary on September 3rd, 2005

September 4, 2005

Overall connections are down slightly from last week: 200,000 SMTP connections from 33,800 different IP addresses. The frontend's highwater mark for simultaneous connections hit 24 this time around.

Top 10 kernel level SMTP rejections:

Host/Mask           Packets   Bytes        13125    630K          10706    488K       9508    497K          6346    311K          5675    272K         5325    256K        5232    251K        4766    220K          4318    226K         4317    213K

Both and reappear from last week, but all the other hosts are new. is the mail servers of Netvigator, who have now earned themselves an IP level block because I got tired of them banging on our SMTP port.

Connection-time rejection stats:

  23374 total
  10321 dynamic IP
   6916 bad or no reverse DNS
   1411 class bl-dsbl
   1346 class bl-cbl
   1228 class bl-spews
    512 class bl-ordb
    412 class bl-sbl
    269 class bl-sdul
    268 class bl-njabl
     12 class bl-opm

There were some quite active attempts to mail us this week, the biggest simple source being (listed at relays.ordb.org). The usual collection of free email providers continue their contributions.

On an eyeball scan, bad HELOs and attempted bounces to nonexistent local users are both down somewhat this week.

Written on 04 September 2005.
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