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2018-12-27: Having metrics has taught me I didn't really know how our systems behave
2018-12-23: How I wound up finding a bug in GNU Tar
2018-12-17: My current trick for keeping reasonably ready virtual machine images
Exploring casual questions with our new metrics system
2018-12-12: One situation where you absolutely can't use irate() in Prometheus
2018-12-05: The brute force cron-based way of flexibly timed repeated alerts
2018-11-30: I've learned that sometimes the right way to show information is a simple one
2018-11-25: How we monitor our Prometheus setup itself
2018-11-20: When Prometheus Alertmanager will tell you about resolved alerts
2018-11-13: Our pragmatic attachment to OpenBSD PF for our firewall needs
2018-11-11: Easy configuration for lots of Prometheus Blackbox checks
2018-11-10: Why Prometheus turns out not be our ideal alerting system
2018-11-09: Getting CPU utilization breakdowns efficiently in Prometheus
2018-11-08: The future of our homedir-based mail server system design
2018-11-06: Our self-serve system for 'vacation' autoreplies and its surprising advantage
2018-11-05: rate() versus irate() in Prometheus (and Grafana)
2018-10-31: OpenSSH has broader key revocation than I thought
2018-10-28: How I'm visualizing health check history in Grafana
2018-10-26: What 'dependency' means in Unix init systems is underspecified
2018-10-22: Using group_* vector matching in Prometheus for database lookups
2018-10-18: Some things on delays and timings for Prometheus alerts
2018-10-17: When metrics disappear on updates with Prometheus Pushgateway
2018-10-13: Getting a CPU utilization breakdown in Prometheus's query language, PromQL
How Prometheus's query steps (aka query resolution) work
2018-10-11: Some notes on Prometheus's Blackbox exporter
2018-10-03: Thinking about what we want to be alerted about
2018-10-02: Thinking about what we probably want for monitoring, metrics, etc
2018-09-21: Why I mostly don't use ed(1) for non-interactive edits in scripts
2018-09-12: A surprise discovery about procmail (and wondering about what next)
2018-09-06: Our future IPv6 access control problems due to non-DHCP6 machines
2018-08-31: Configurations can quietly drift away from working over time, illustrated
2018-08-29: Our problem with (Amanda) backups of many files, especially incrementals
2018-08-20: It's worth testing that obvious things actually do work
2018-08-16: It matters where (or when) your programs ask questions
2018-08-12: The evolution of our account creation script
2018-08-10: The benefits of driving automation through cron
One simple general pattern for making sure things are alive
2018-07-31: The hidden danger of using rsync to copy files instead of cp
2018-07-30: Being reminded that an obvious problem isn't necessarily obvious
2018-07-28: Word-boundary regexp searches are what I usually want
2018-07-08: We've decided to write our future Python tools in Python 3
2018-07-06: Having your SSH server on an alternate port provides no extra security today
2018-07-04: How and why we sell storage to people here
The hardware and basic setup for our third generation of ZFS fileservers
2018-07-03: The history of our custom NFS mount authorization system (or some of it)
2018-06-27: I think it's still reasonable to run personal servers on the Internet
2018-06-22: Running servers (and services) well is not trivial
2018-06-16: The 'on premise' versus 'off premise' approach to environments
2018-05-15: I have a boring desktop and I think I'm okay with that
2018-05-03: Using grep to hunt around for null bytes in text files
2018-04-26: The shifting goals of our custom NFS mount authorization system
2018-04-25: An implementation difference in NSS netgroups between Linux and Solaris
2018-04-20: The increasingly surprising limits to the speed of our Amanda backups
2018-04-13: A learning experience about the performance of our IMAP server
2018-04-07: Some numbers for how well various compressors do with our /var/mail backup
2018-04-04: Today's learning experience is that gzip is not fast
2018-03-31: Using a local database to get consistent device names is a bad idea
2018-03-25: Our revised Dovecot IMAP configuration migration plans (and processes)
2018-03-24: Our current ugly hacks to Dovecot to help mitigate our IMAP problems
2018-03-23: Some things about Dovecot, its index files, and the IMAP LIST command
2018-03-14: Why Let's Encrypt's short certificate lifetimes are a great thing
2018-02-16: How I tend to label bad hardware
2018-02-11: Sending emails to your inbox is a dangerous default
2018-01-19: I'm one of those people who never log out from their desktop
2018-01-14: Our small tools for running commands on multiple machines
2018-01-04: The goals and problems of our Dovecot IMAP configuration migration

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