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2019-04-21: My view on upgrading Prometheus (and Grafana) on an ongoing basis
2019-04-18: A pattern for dealing with missing metrics in Prometheus in simple cases
2019-04-13: Remembering that Prometheus expressions act as filters
2019-04-07: Why selecting times is still useful even for dashboards that are about right now
2019-04-05: It's always DNS (a story of our circular dependency)
2019-03-31: Our likely ZFS fileserver upgrade plans (as of March 2019)
2019-03-29: Our current approach for significantly upgrading or modifying servers
2019-03-24: Prometheus's delta() function can be inferior to subtraction with offset
2019-03-22: Sometimes the simplest version of a graph is a text table
2019-03-18: Prometheus subqueries pick time points in a surprising way
2019-03-12: An easy optimization for restricted multi-metric queries in Prometheus
2019-03-11: Testing Prometheus alert conditions through subqueries
2019-03-10: What the default query step is for Prometheus subqueries
Turning something into a script encourages improving it
2019-03-06: Using Prometheus subqueries to look for spikes in rates
2019-03-01: What you get when you do a DNS A record lookup for a CNAME'd name
2019-02-27: Using Prometheus subqueries to do calculations over time ranges
2019-02-25: ntpdate has a surprising restriction on what it will sync to
2019-02-17: Some notes on heatmaps and histograms in Prometheus and Grafana
2019-02-08: Making more use of keyboard control over window position and size
2019-01-30: How having a metrics system centralized information and got me to check it
2019-01-23: A little surprise with Prometheus scrape intervals, timeouts, and alerts
2019-01-09: On right and wrong ways to harvest system-level performance stats
2019-01-04: Planning ahead in documentation worked out for us
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