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2021-05-07: Understanding OpenSSH's various options around keys and key algorithms
2021-05-06: The different types of modern (2021) SSH keys (and some opinions)
2021-04-30: Discovering outside people attempting to do dynamic DNS updates to us
There's plenty of our work that's not being done from home
2021-04-26: The question of how to do non-annoying multi-factor authentication for SSH
2021-04-12: Counting how many times something started or stopped failing in Prometheus
2021-04-11: Vendors put varied and peculiar things in system DMI information
2021-04-04: Some uses for Prometheus's resets() function
2021-03-31: Understanding Prometheus' changes() function and what it can do for me
2021-03-27: The attractions of reading sensor information from IPMIs
2021-03-21: My uncertainty about swapping and swap sizing for SSDs and NVMe drives
My experience with x2go is that it's okay but not compelling
2021-03-14: I wish Prometheus had some features to deal with 'missing' metrics
2021-03-13: Prometheus and the case of the stuck metrics
2021-02-28: Dot-separated DNS name components aren't even necessarily subdomains, illustrated
2021-02-27: My pragmatic sysadmin view on subdomains and DNS zones
2021-02-24: How convenience in Prometheus labels for alerts led me into a quiet mistake
How (and where) Prometheus alerts get their labels
2021-02-22: How I set up testing alerts in our Prometheus environment
2021-02-09: Normal situations should not be warnings (especially not repeated ones)
2021-01-30: I wish every program that wanted 'a SQL database' would let me use SQLite
2021-01-29: Forecasting drive failures is not always as useful as it sounds
2021-01-24: Your monitoring and alerts remember things for you
2021-01-10: What timestamps you get back along with Prometheus query results
2021-01-08: How to extract raw time series data from Prometheus
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